Super Seven Bracelet
Super Seven Bracelet
Super Seven Bracelet
Woman wearing 5 Super Seven crystal bracelets and holding a Super Seven pendant necklace by Energy Muse
Super Seven Bracelet
Super Seven Bracelet

Super Seven Bracelet

Being Present in the Now • Psychic Insight • Breaking Bad Luck
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 Beads measure 8mm • Usually fits most women and men with smaller wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 5.5" to 6")
Beads measure 8mm • Medium size (Usually fits most women and men with smaller wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 6.25" to 7") 
Beads measure 8mm • Usually fits most men and women with wider wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 7" to 7.75")
Unlock your true potential — and unblock any bad luck cycles — with the new and powerful Super Seven Bracelet. Rare and high-vibrational, Super Seven crystals are created from 7 different crystals, helping to convert any negative energy around you (and within your own energy body) into positive energy. This bracelet offers you 3 amazing benefits: heightened psychic insight, the ability to break bad luck cycles, and being present in the now. Imagine gaining a deeper understanding of your inner self and the world around you, while also breaking away from negative patterns and being fully present in the present moment. With its exclusive design and credibility backed by ancient beliefs, this bracelet will not only elevate your style but also bring luck and clarity into your life.

This bracelet comes with an exclusive crystal code: a numerical activator paired with your bracelet to take its energy to the next-level. Upon purchasing the bracelet, you'll receive an email containing a downloadable PDF featuring your crystal code, along with an audio activation by our resident crystal expert, Heather Askinosie.

Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Lepidocrocite and Rutilated Quartz are all stones known for cleansing and transmuting negative energy. Goethite and Cacoxenite, on the other hand, help you to elevate your journey to the next level by opening your eyes to new perspectives and generating fresh ideas. Through the purification process, Super Seven Bracelets will align and bring harmony to your mental, physical and spiritual spaces.

  1. Psychic Insight: Your Super Seven Bracelet is not just a beautiful accessory; it's a conduit to the mystical world of psychic insight. Crafted from the rare and potent Super Seven crystal, it heightens your intuitive abilities, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom and connect with the energies of the universe. The synergy of seven unique minerals within the Super Seven crystal amplifies your psychic sensitivity, unveiling hidden truths, and guiding you towards a path of clarity and understanding.

  2. Breaking Bad Luck Cycles: Say goodbye to negative patterns and misfortune that seem to follow you like a shadow. Super Seven Bracelets possess an incredible ability to break bad luck cycles. The crystal's energy acts as a protective shield, diverting negative influences and turning them into positive opportunities. Wearing this bracelet is like having your personal guardian, ensuring that you walk the path of positivity and prosperity.

  3. Being Present in the Now: In a fast-paced world, finding peace and staying rooted in the present can be a challenge. Super Seven Bracelets ground you in the moment, fostering mindfulness and inner peace. As you wear this exquisite accessory, you'll discover a heightened sense of awareness, enabling you to savor life's precious moments with unmatched clarity and serenity.

Because Super Seven crystals combine the energies of seven powerful minerals, wearing this Super Seven Bracelet is an amplified way to create a harmonious and transformative experience. The bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a daily companion on your journey to self-discovery and success. 

Each morning, hold your bracelet in both hands and say aloud or in your head: I activate these crystals. Then, put your bracelet on. Say your intention above out loud three times.

Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your crystals around your wrist, bring your intention to mind.

Before you go to sleep, take your bracelet off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

For optimal results, repeat steps 1 to 4 for 11, 21 or 40 days.

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