Crystal Spheres & Harmonizers

Crystal Spheres & Harmonizers

Natural Citrine Sphere
Light • Positivity • Prosperity
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Blue Calcite Sphere
Calming • Soothing • Clear Communication
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product view of genuine Copper Sphere for meditating by Energy Muse
Man holding Copper Sphere by Energy Muse in index finger and thumb to show size
Copper Sphere
Amplification • Meditation • Charging
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Yellow Optical Calcite Sphere
Manifestation • Happiness • Joy
$ 89.88
Rainbow Moonstone Sphere
Destiny • Blessings • Emotional Balance
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Garnet Sphere
Wealth • Stable Energy Flow • Abundance
$ 29.88
Lemon Quartz Sphere
Manifestation • Joy • Positivity
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Tiger's Eye Sphere
Willpower • Grounding • Courage
from $ 19.88
A woman sitting cross-legged on the floor holding 2 genuine Selenite Satin Spar harmonizers for meditation by Energy Muse
Selenite Harmonizers - Set of 2
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Rare Half-Polished Cavansite Sphere
Tucson Gem Show Find
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Cherry Creek Jasper Sphere
Positivity • Vitality • Grounding
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Shungite Harmonizers
Meditation • Balance • Harmony
$ 64.88

Spheres are one of the most powerful tools used in crystal healing. A crystal sphere emits a very high frequency of harmony and positive energy due to its symmetrical shape.

Since ancient times, the sphere has been considered a superior shape to all others. They radiate positive energy in all directions, making them the perfect object to focus on for crystal healing. Healing crystal spheres help to calm and neutralize many negative emotions, helping to put your mind at ease so you can focus on the positives in your life.

Types of Crystal Spheres

Different spheres provide a range of benefits for the individual. When looking to add one to your living space, you should aim to choose a crystal sphere based on your intentions and the unique healing properties. Here are a few types we have at Energy Muse that all radiate different energies and can help you gravitate towards your true self and heal from unwanted energies.

Raw Shungite

A shungite sphere can help minimize the harmful effects of EMFs and provide you with a digital detox. When left unpolished, It’s a powerful protector that emits a uniform, harmonious energy that will uplift any space you place it in.

Tourmalinated Quartz

This powerful crystal sphere will help you let go of negative energy and change your perspective on life for the better. It radiates protection and positive energy, making it a perfect addition to your space or spiritual practice.

Hematite Quartz

If you're seeking stabilization, hematite quartz may be for you. This crystal sphere will help ground you and provide you with the balance you need in life. With this crystal sphere by your side, you’ll be able to live in total peace with yourself and let go of the anxious feelings that often leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Giant Amethyst

An amethyst sphere emits peaceful and calming energies into your space, providing a sense of unity and harmony. After adding an amethyst sphere into your home, you’ll experience deep and restful sleep and a newfound sense of relaxation.

Selenite Harmonizers

Do you feel yourself longing for calm and serene energy in your life? It may be a sign you need selenite harmonizers. Adding selenite harmonizers into your life can help you release your fears and keep you calm: during almost any situation. These are wonderful tools that are used during meditation, yoga practice, and even childbirth and are cherished for their unique calming properties.

To fully experience the healing properties, you'll want to hold one in each of your hands and try to relax yourself from within. While holding them close to you: and allowing for the energy to take hold, your life will be filled with light and love, making you feel like you can take on anything that comes your way.

Healing Crystal Spheres

Certain spheres have healing properties that can help combat the chaos in your life and provide you with the energy you need to heal from stressful situations. Depending on what you're currently struggling with, you can choose large crystal spheres of any kind to combat unwanted energies and provide you with the harmony and clarity you need to heal.

On a Feng Shui level, they bring a harmonious, calming energy into any space. If you often find yourself having many arguments in your home, place a healing crystal sphere in the living room to create soothing energy and to clear the environment.

Utilizing a Selenite Crystal Stand in any room can be a great way to charge your healing crystal spheres and uplift your energy force. These work to raise the vibrations and turn any space where chaos exists into a peaceful environment where your well-being can thrive.

Adding a Raw Shungite Sphere into your living space can help neutralize the negative effects of EMFs and help you digitally detox. Place this healing crystal sphere near your tech items and let the crystal emit a harmonious energy into the space.

Crystal spheres, like an Amethyst Sphere, can also be used in an office or workplace to smooth the edges of chaos and turn any competitive energy into productivity.

These crystal healing spheres help to create a soothing, loving and nurturing environment where they can grow and thrive. Rose Quartz crystal spheres are also beneficial when used for love energy: to attract love, nourish a current relationship or to heal a broken heart. There are endless ways to use crystal healing spheres.

Depending on your intentions for your crystal sphere, you will place it in an area that needs more harmony, light and a little refresh of energy. Following the feng shui bagua, place your sphere in the southwest for love, northeast for personal growth, west for creativity and center for union of your household.

Energy Muse has a vast selection for sale. Find the one that is perfect for you and your intention!