Clear Quartz Angel
Clear Quartz Angel
genuine clear quartz angel crystal carving by Energy Muse
Clear Quartz Angel
Clear Quartz Angel
Clear Quartz Angel

Clear Quartz Angel

Prayers • Hope • Connection
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Measures approx. 2” tall • Weighs approx. 1.125 ounces
Measures approx. 3" - 4"
About 1/2" to 1"
Bring a Clear Quartz Angel into your sacred space to amplify your healing, intentions and prayers. Using a clear quartz angel will increase and deepen your connection with your guardian angels and guides. These clear quartz angels bring clarity of mind and spirit, allowing you to understand the guidance and support being offered by higher sources.

Our angels are always there to guide us. We need only to listen for them. When you need to reach out to a power greater than your own, hold tight to your angel and allow it channel the energy of your prayers and intentions.

These angels are particularly beneficial to use when you are asking for guidance or support. By helping to surround you with loving, peaceful energies, the angels will provide comfort during difficult periods of life. That’s why a clear quartz angel makes a perfect gift for your loved ones. When you want your loved one to know that you care, give them the gift of blessings. In purifying the mind and spirit of negative energy, the clear quartz angel brings much needed stress relief to a heavy spirit.   

Work with a clear quartz angel when you need to reprogram your spirit with positive habits. Clear quartz is a stone that helps you to not only cleanse the spirit and amplify your spiritual power, but also to program your intentions. When you know that you want to open yourself up to receive guidance from the highest realms of the universe, set your intention to accept the direction you feel called to follow. With the clarity that a clear quartz angel instills, you can recognize and embrace the path of that you were destined to travel.

Due to their nature, each one will be different in shape, size, pattern and color--but each is so special. 

Bring your clear quartz angel with you in pocket or purse to carry its reassuring vibes wherever you go. With a clear quartz angel near, you will remember when you need to trust in the plans that the universe holds for you, and when you need to take action to pursue that destiny.

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