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Clear Quartz CRYSTAL365 Meditation

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​​​When your mind is feeling cluttered or you are having trouble clearing your thoughts, use this 10-minute guided Clear Quartz meditation to gain clarity and bring balance to your mind. Creating a daily practice of connecting with your Clear Quartz through this crystal meditation can help you to clear your mind and find mental balance so you can align with your inner light. This guided meditation can also be used in times of stress or confusion to help you get crystal clear on the path forward so you can live your life as the highest possible version of yourself.

In this Clear Quartz meditation, you will be guided to clearing your mind and creating mental balance by coming back into alignment with your inner light. Heather’s voice will serve as your guide to help you release any energetic sludge and plug into the light by connecting with your Clear Quartz crystal.

Creating a daily practice with your Clear Quartz crystal and this meditation allows you to clear your mind and feel your best each and every day. This is also a powerful meditation to guide you through decisions and choices or other moments of confusion or stress in your life.

This Clear Quartz CRYSTAL365 meditation will be delivered as an audio download (mp3) upon purchase and does not include the crystals. All sales are final on this crystal meditation.

For this meditation, we recommend using two
Clear Quartz touchstones
clear quartz stones
clear quartz spheres
(one in each hand).

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