Crystal Ghostbuster PDF

Crystal Ghostbuster PDF

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Lots of people don't believe in ghosts — until a spiritual presence is felt. If you sense any unwanted energetic vibrations in your home, or simply want to help the ghosts of loved ones feel free to leave the earthly realm and move into the light, the new easy-to-follow Crystal Ghostbuster PDF provides you with all the crystal information and rituals you need. When you purchase this item, you'll receive a link to download a detailed PDF with several rituals, helpful visual examples, and uncomplicated lists of items you'll need to perform each practice. This PDF is a never-before-seen chapter from our best-selling second book, Crystal Muse, making it an easy and valuable way to supplement your energetic toolkit.

Crystal rituals are a powerful way to rid your spaces of unwanted energies, but it can be confusing to know how to set one up for your specific needs. We’ve taken the guesswork out of using crystal rituals by providing several detailed rituals for protection, adding light, and helping those you love love towards the Light.

Whether or not you suspect ghosts in your living spaces, we recommend you alway take Black Tourmaline and Selenite with you as part of your “crystal medicine cabinet.” Use Black Tourmaline as your go-to stone for protection and Selenite to raise the vibrational energy of the room you’re in.

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Download this PDF guide and use the crystal rituals inside to enhance the vibration of your spaces and rid them of any unwanted spiritual presences. You can also use these ritual guides to help send loved ones and even pets who have passed to the light.

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