Getting Still with Yourself Class

Getting Still with Yourself Class

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This 1-hour replay of a digital class with Heather Askinosie will set you up for a 21-day transformation that includes daily guided crystal meditation and sound healing. Through the practice, which you can continue after the class, you will be guided to turn inward and use the power of stillness to shift your state and move forward in life with clarity and confidence. This class works with Golden Lepidolite, but you can also use any other yellow crystal you already have! Once you purchase the class, you will receive an email to download a PDF workbook, 2 guided meditations and the video recording from the class on Tuesday, April 27th.

This class will focus on developing a foundation on which you can build and evolve. It is also designed to deepen your relationships to crystals and teach you new ways to use some of the most popular and powerful crystals. Through new practices and programs, you will create meaningful positive change and transformation in a short amount of time.

This class will build upon the awareness you built in the Awareness Program by guiding you toward the next level of your spiritual journey: stillness. In stillness and silence, you will be able to gain mental clarity, manifest faster, purify your energy, and clear away any darkness so you can move forward as the brightest, highest version of yourself. This class will walk you through a 21-day daily meditation practice, and set you up for success in the third and final class of the series.

The purchase of this online class is non-refundable. All sales are final.

You will receive video recording, guided meditations, as well as a digital workbook that you will use throughout the class. You can also use the program that you learn in the class anytime you want to shift your energetic state.

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