Selenite CRYSTAL365 Meditation

Selenite CRYSTAL365 Meditation

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Begin each morning with this 10-minute guided Selenite Meditation to clear and cleanse your energy field. Creating a morning practice of connecting with your Selenite through this crystal meditation allows you to get grounded, clear and centered so you can create a positive start to each day.

In this selenite meditation, you will clear any unwanted energy from your mind, body and spirit to raise your vibration and awaken every cell of your being with light. Heather's voice will be guided you through powerful visualizations to become completely connected with the Earth below you, the universe above you and your Selenite crystals. 

Creating a morning practice with your Selenite crystal and this meditation allows you to start that day crystal clear. When you clear and centered, you are more focused and will make better decisions throughout the day. Let this crystal meditation energize and uplift your mind, body and spirit! 

This Selenite meditation will be delivered as an audio download (mp3) upon purchase and does not include the crystals. All sales are final on this crystal meditation.

For this meditation, you will be using a pair of
Selenite Harmonizers
or 2
Selenite crystals
(to hold in each hand).

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