The Must-Have Wearable Formula for Empaths

Are you an empath? You may be an empath if you:

  • are highly sensitive to the energy — and energy shifts — in your environment and from the people around you
  • have a keen intuition and are able to put yourself in the shoes of others easily
  • may have a hard time setting boundaries
  • get overwhelmed easily when the energy around you becomes dense and hectic

Heather, an empath herself, recommends a grounding anklet on each ankle and a Selenite bracelet on each wrist!

Let the Hematite keep you grounded and firmly connected to the Earth. Empaths may feel a little "floaty," disembodied, or disconnected because they sometimes exit their body when they're out of alignment. Hematite roots you deeply into the Earth, allowing you to withstand the pressure of other people's energy.

With Selenite on each wrist, and when combined with Hematite, you're clearing your energy field of any invasive energy. Selenite will bring more light energy into your body after clearing out lower frequency energy.

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