Rose Quartz Crystal Cosmetic Brush and Aventurine Crystal Cosmetic Brush with shiny gold-polished ferrules.

Crystal Cosmetic Brush

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ALL SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE • Brush measures approximately 6" from tip of bristles to base of handle
ALL SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE • Brush measures approximately 6" from tip of bristles to base of handle
In these modern times, we often find ourselves either rushing through our beauty routines during hectic mornings or eschewing the ritual altogether, even if we may find pleasure in taking that time to beautify ourselves in the mirror each and every day. It can be a meditative moment rather than a stressful or self-critical moment in our day - what better way to further infuse your beauty ritual than with healing crystals renowned for centuries for their loving and confidence-boosting energies? Use our new Rose Quartz Cosmetic Brush before romantic outings or simply any time your cup of self-love could use a refill, and opt for our new Aventurine Cosmetic Brush when you’re off to an interview or any time you want to boost your good luck and sense of abundance.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate beauty stone, used for centuries to attract love to oneself, including self-love. It’s gorgeous light pink hues put a smile on your face as you apply your makeup, which makes you look even more beautiful. Incorporating Rose Quartz in your beauty routines amplifies your sense of how worthy you are of this and all the acts of self-care in which you take part. Enhance the feeling of love within your spirit with every gentle swipe across your cheekbones you make every single day.

Aventurine is a bright, cheery green stone that’s great for imparting good luck, personal growth and new opportunities in your life. It is loved for its ability to boost one’s confidence and courage, giving you a winning attitude. Known also as the “Stone of Opportunity,” making this Aventurine Crystal Cosmetic Brush well-suited to apply your makeup right before any first dates, job interviews, and before any adventurous days!


Dip or sweep your Crystal Cosmetic Brush into your favorite powder blush or finishing powder for impeccable application and seamless coverage. Wash after each use with a brush cleaner, shape the bristles, and air dry.

Because the barrels of each Crystal Cosmetic brush is 100% genuine crystal, feel free to press the rounded end into various acupressure points on the face for a quick tension-busting massage.

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