Crystal of the Month Subscription

Crystal of the Month Subscription

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Experience the giddy anticipation of a surprise crystal every single month with our brand new Crystal-Of-The-Month Subscription! It’s a fun and exciting new way to expand your collection effortlessly – without ever having to think about it, there’s a new crystal at your doorstep! To add to the excitement, each monthly crystal you’ll receive will be EXCLUSIVE to this subscription. It won’t be available for purchase on the site. You don’t want to miss out on this new crystal of the month club, crafted with crystals that have never been seen in our store!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to starting out in the world of healing crystals, so we wanted to create a program that gives you just one special crystal per month, to encourage you to work with it for the span of 30 days so that you can really get to know and connect with your new crystal’s energy.

When you receive one individual crystal energy in your crystal subscription, you are given the dedicated space to focus your work with, and understanding of, this particular crystal’s energy. In your deep, intensive exploration, you can not only come to appreciate the crystal’s individuality and unique attributes but also appreciate yourself and your own unique traits. And of course, all transformation and up-leveling begins with each of us, regardless of what our goals are or what tools we utilize to achieve them. For this reason, truly and deeply exploring parts of ourselves is imperative to our growth.

Like the difference between a one-on-one chat and a group outing, the concentrated energy work results in increased, more rewarding, deeper insights and connections. We created this monthly crystal subscription with just these enhanced results in mind.

When you sign up for your crystal subscription, you’ll gain early access to new crystals and stones that are not available online. Besides getting the first look at new crystals, you’ll also get a specific practice to use with your crystals for a specific intention. From new crystal combinations to new crystal practices and never-before-seen energy tools, your Crystal-Of-The-Month Subscription will introduce you to new ways to work with the powerful energy of crystals.

Please note: The item in each month’s crystal delivery will be a surprise! You will not be receiving the exact crystals pictured in this listing. The Crystal-Of-The-Month Subscription is a subscription service that is billed monthly for each subscription delivery ($29.95 USD every month), and will be automatically charged using the payment method provided. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final on these items. You may cancel your subscription at any time online or by contacting support at

Check out our beginner's guide to healing crystals to learn more about different stones and their properties.

Each monthly Crystal-Of-The-Month Subscription will include an informational card that will teach you about your new surprise crystal’s powerful attributes, which will help you concentrate your attention and energy on this individual crystal. Work with it for at least 30 days (until your next surprise crystal arrives!) to cultivate and deepen your relationship with it.

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