Peridot Crystal Earrings

Peridot Crystal Earrings

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The last few weeks of the year, big birthdays, New Year’s Day: these kinds of momentous points in time are notorious for causing an avalanche of anxiety, fatigue, depletion and disconnection with ourselves. We find ourselves frazzled and our mental energy fragmented, shattered into tiny bits. This is no way to start a new page in your life! If you find yourself in major need of renewed, harmonious energy for a more aligned sense of self, tap into the balancing energy of our new Peridot Crystal Earrings. As a bright and lush color of nature, Peridot is renowned for its association with harmony, balance, renewal, and alignment. Peridot healing energy blesses you with a strong sense of self-integration, banishing away that awful fragmented and frazzled feeling so you can feel more conviction in your life and about your goals. When you wear your Peridot crystal earrings you are signalling to yourself that you are balancing your emotions and thoughts, helping you become more unified within yourself and in equilibrium. All Peridot stud earrings feature genuine crystals: because of this, each individual stone will be unique and vary slightly in color, size, and shape.

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Known as the stone of balance and renewal, Peridot is believed to bring conviction, connection, and alignment. This warm-hearted and welcoming bright green stone is also known to rejuvenate your sense of creativity. It attracts love and calms anger by giving renewal to all things.

All crystal earrings are final sale.

Wear your Peridot crystal earrings whenever you need to balance emotions and mind and need help becoming more self-unified and integrated. Watch as you feel a super-dose of reinvigoration and renewal come into your energy. Take them off at bedtime and place in a Selenite bowl overnight to recharge.