Rose Quartz Double Terminated Point Crystal
Rose Quartz Double Terminated Point Crystal

Rose Quartz Double Terminated Point Crystal

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Measures approx. 2" - 3"
Measures approx. 4" - 5"
The way we feel and experience every single aspect of love begins with the amount of love we already have within ourselves, for ourselves. When our heart chakra is aligned and our well of love is plentiful, we love others easily and others love us easily in turn. If you feel as though your heart chakra is blocked, unbalanced or need help healing emotional traumas, work with your new Rose Quartz Double Terminated Crystal Wand Point during body layouts, crystal grids and reiki sessions. Let this crystal double-terminated point open up your heart to more love for yourself, others and heal what hurts you so you can move on. All Rose Quartz Double Terminated Crystal Wand Points will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

Rose Quartz is best known as the stone of all things love, including romantic love, familial love, and self-love. Working with this new Rose Quartz crystal wand can help you break through old hurts that have calcified in your heart chakra, blocking you from loving yourself and therefore loving others.

If you are drawn to a Rose Quartz double-terminated point crystal, it may mean that you are looking to attract more love in your life. Are you searching for a romantic partner? Or do you want to feel a little extra love for your friends and family? These Rose Quartz wands will help you feel love all around you.

You may also be drawn to the Rose Quartz double-point crystals because your spirit wants to send more love out and send more love within. Give these as a gift to express how you feel toward your loved ones, and share with them the love you have inside of you.

Use your Rose Quartz Double Terminated Crystal Wand Point as a magic wand and, in an easy windshield wiper motion, douse yourself in the energy of unconditional love and boundless compassion. You can also use it as a “pen” and write your intentions in the air. Words are magic, especially when combined with the loving powers of Rose Quartz! This piece is perfect for reiki work and other energy work. Place it over your heart chakra (over your heart or center of your chest) in a body layout or use in a crystal grid.

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