45 degree view of Orgone Pyramid by Energy Muse, with genuine Sodalite. crystal chips, Clear Quartz, and spiraled brass wire.
Office desk view of Orgone Pyramid by Energy Muse, with genuine Sodalite. crystal chips, Clear Quartz, and spiraled brass wire.

Sodalite Orgone with Clear Quartz Point Pyramid

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Get out of fear mindsets and transform it into focus with this powerful transmutation device: the combination of organic and inorganic materials in the Sodalite Orgone with Clear Quartz Point Pyramid make for a powerful energetic generator. When you’re in a battle with negative, stressful frequencies in the spaces you’re in, it affects your personal energy field, as humans are electrical. When you place your Orgone pyramid in the center of each room, each element (crystal, metal (inorganic), resin (organic)) works together to take in negative energy and put out positive energy. This incredible Orgone Pyramid contains metal details, a genuine Clear Quartz point, Sodalite stone chips and both wrapped wire and spiral wire. Each pyramid will vary very slightly in size, shape, color, opacity, and pattern. Orgone means life force and sometimes also referred to as Prana, Universal Energy, Ch’i and more. Orgones interact with your life force, and the life force of your spaces, to transmute negative energy into positive. And once everything is sublimated and you’re balanced, everything works better, both mind and body. This healing tool emits healing, life-enhancing energy and offers protection against EMFs.

The sacred shape of a pyramid dates back more than 5,000 years. The pyramid shape is a supernatural source of power and energy! Pyramids amplify and balance energy through their apex. Everything within the electromagnetic field of a pyramid is believed to move towards harmony.

The pyramid shape itself is a metaphysical source of power and energy. Pyramid shapes have a strong balancing effect on the electromagnetic fields and on one's personal energy. The healing properties of Sodalite and Clear Quartz are focused and amplified by the shape of the pyramid, being emitted powerfully out of the point.

Sodalite is a powerful crystal to soothe yourself if you tend to find yourself in anxious environments and need something to calm a nervous state of mind. Transmute frantic energy to soothing, calming energy and an overall sense of serenity.

The addition of the Clear Quartz crystal point to your sacred spaces, altars, and meditation practices allow it to provide a clarifying, concentration-aiding energy that focuses your mind, body and soul. The Clear Quartz energy that this pyramid radiates outward infuses any space it’s placed in with serenity and clarity. Crystal pyramids emit a very grounding, stable energy, so working with Clear Quartz crystal components in particular doubles this effect: it allows you to establish a solid and tranquil foundation that makes it easier to raise your personal vibration.


Place your Sodalite Orgone with Clear Quartz Point Pyramid in the center of a room where what you’re doing makes you a bit jittery and anxious: perhaps your office, wherever you pay your pills, your workspace, or s studio. We love this pyramid on a table that’s in a centralized location in a room or on your desk.

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