Wealth Crystal Altar Bundle
Wealth Crystal Altar Bundle
Wealth Crystal Altar Bundle

Wealth Crystal Altar Bundle

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When it comes to manifesting your wealth intentions, the most effective way is to align your own personal energy with the energy of what you want to manifest. This Wealth Crystal Altar Bundle is designed to give you the tools you need to shift your energetic state and set yourself up for success in bringing your goals, wishes, and intentions to life. Featuring Selenite for clearing and charging, Almandine Garnet for energy and momentum, and Wealth Stones for addressing all different layers of your intentions, this bundle will help you tap into the energy of prosperity, wealth, and abundance to support your manifestation process.

The Wealth Crystal Altar Bundle includes everything you need to build a powerful wealth altar in your home. The bundle includes: Selenite for acting as an energetic base for your altar: this crystal will clear + cleanse your personal energy, as well as charge your stones and intentions to energetically activate them.

Faceted Almandine Garnet for boosting the flow of energy: Garnet is not usually thought of for wealth, but it is a powerful crystal for financial aspirations. The deep red crystal balances and aligns the root chakra stone, which is connected to your foundation, security and prosperity. Red energy gets the momentum going and energy moving, which supports action and motivates you to pursue your goals. It also brings passion into what you do, and when you are passionate about something, abundance comes to you more easily. 

Wealth Stones for addressing the multi-faceted nature of your intentions: this collection of wealth crystals boosts your luck, guides you to attract success and opportunity, and enhances your manifestation power by filling you with positive energy. These stones hold the space for different energies you will need on your side in order to bring your wealth-related goals to fruition. 

For the best results, build your Wealth Crystal Altar in the North area of your home, which is your prosperity area.

1. First, hold your Selenite Charging Plate and program it to release any lack mentality, negative thoughts, or doubts about your ability to be wealthy. The Selenite will work to constantly clear away those unwanted energies from your energy field.

2. Next, program each of your wealth stones: Garnet to ignite your sense of passion for everything you do and unblock any stuck energy. Tiger’s Eye for attracting multiple opportunities and thinking outside the box. Pyrite to turn everything you do into gold. Malachite to open your heart to transformation and guide you to live your life from a place of love. Aventurine for luck. Citrine to bring light into all your wealth ventures.

3. When you are finished programming your stones, place them on top of the Selenite.

4. Write a list of 3 wealth goals on a piece of paper and place it by your altar.

5. Connect with your stones and your altar on a daily basis and make sure to keep it clean + tidy to represent keeping your financial life organized!

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