Epidote Quartz Crystal
Epidote Quartz Crystal
Epidote Quartz Crystal

Epidote Quartz Crystal

Emotional Healing • Heart-Opening • Trust
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Measures approx. 1"- 1.5" • Weighs approx. 0.928 ounce
Measures approx. 1.75"- 2.75" • Weighs approx. 1.772 ounces

It’s funny how it takes a green crystal to show you the silver linings in life, but that’s exactly what Epidote’s energy is all about! Allow this Epidote Quartz Crystal to show you the positives of a situation, and generate more hope for the future. Epidote energy encourages you to make the changes you need, so that your intentions can come to life.

Epidote Quartz Crystal is a powerful stone known for its ability to bring about positive changes in one's life. Its energy is lush and invigorating like fresh floral growth in nature and is often described as refreshing and rejuvenating, making it the perfect crystal to have in your collection. Its green hue also activates and aligns the heart chakra, helping you overcome any emotional healing that may be keeping you stuck, and when it comes to all matters, not just romantic love. Let your Epidote Quartz Crystal enhance your personal growth and spiritual development, attract abundance, prosperity, and good fortune into your life.

If you’re looking for an emotional breakthrough, Epidote is your stone. The action that Epidote inspires you to take will push you out of emotional ruts. Sometimes we get stuck in a certain way of thinking. Epidote brings you to confront the patterns or thought cycles that you’ve settled into. By uplifting your spirit with compassion, Epidote can open your mind to understand other perspectives.

As a heart stone, Epidote nurtures and expands your heart. Hold Epidote close when you want to rebuild trust, and deepen your understanding of yourself and others. Let Epidote healing properties help you to break negative habits or thoughts, release feelings of hopelessness and reach a new level of inner wisdom. Epidote healing raises your vibration so that you are thinking, speaking and acting from a place that is for the highest good of all. In return, the universe will support you and provide what you need for your positive intentions to come to life.

Being drawn to an Epidote Crystal may mean that you’re ready to heal, open the heart to deeper understanding, and extend your trust. As a heart healing crystal, we are often drawn to Epidote when we feel ready to release darkness, and look on the bright side of things.

To use an Epidote Crystal, hold it up to your heart in peaceful meditation as you reflect on new perspectives, and areas for fresh growth.

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