Denver Gem Show Finds
Gem show pre-orders will begin shipping by the end of September, upon our return from the show.
product view of heart-shaped Selenite charging box by Energy Muse
Selenite Heart Box
Love Frequency • Charging • Clearing Negativity
$ 44.88
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Sakura Jasper Point
Living in the Present • Taking Action • Growth
from $ 24.88
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White woman holding genuine Flower Agate Point, also known as Sakura Agate or Cherry Blossom Agate, in front of several more points by Energy Muse
Sakura Agate Point
Growth • Transformation • New Beginnings
from $ 24.88
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product view of genuine Manifester crystal by Energy Muse
Manifester Freeform Crystal
Manifestation • Abundance • Dreams
from $ 14.88
5 Manifester Bundle
Manifestation • Abundance • New Reality
$ 129.88