Rare Quartz Formation Bundle
Rare Quartz Formation Bundle

Rare Quartz Formation Bundle

Manifest • Heal • Breakthrough
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The Quartz family is full of high-frequency crystals. Keeping up with the Quartzes can be like keeping up with the Joneses - it's hard to match their universal power. As a universal healer, it provides balance and harmony and can be programmed for manifestation. Because of its power, we've built this limited edition bundle of Quartz with three of our favorite rare quartz formations - Manifester Quartz for major manifestation, Faden Quartz for self-healing and Lemurian Quartz for breaking through blocks.

Each crystal is about 1-2".

Introducing the Rare Quartz Formation Bundle, an exclusive collection curated for the true crystal enthusiast who seeks nothing less than extraordinary. Embark on a spiritual and transformational journey with three of the most sought-after quartz formations available today: Manifester Quartz, Faden Quartz, and Lemurian Quartz. Each piece in this limited edition bundle is specially selected for its unique properties and powerful energetic frequencies, promising to be the crown jewels of your collection.

Elevate Your Manifestation Game with Manifester Quartz

Imagine possessing the power to crystallize your deepest ambitions into reality. The Manifester Quartz is a marvel of nature – featuring a perfectly enclosed smaller crystal within its larger counterpart. A rarity that stands as a testament to the possibilities lying dormant within us all, waiting to be awakened. Use this extraordinary crystal to supercharge your dreams, placing it atop your written manifestations or carrying it as a constant beacon of your aspirations.

Unlock the Path to Self-Healing with Faden Quartz

Healing is a personal voyage, and with Faden Quartz by your side, it’s a journey marked by clarity and directness. Characterized by its distinct “faden line,” this crystal is a physical emblem of resilience, embodying the beauty of healing and rebirth. Ideal for anyone seeking to mend, grow, and transcend limiting beliefs, the Faden Quartz is your ally, guiding you towards a future unbound by past constraints.

Discover Profound Wisdom with Lemurian Quartz

Step into a world of ancient knowledge and unlock the secrets that reside within you with Lemurian Quartz. These crystals, revered as master crystals, are encoded with the wisdom of ancient civilizations. Their distinctive striations, like cosmic barcodes, invite you to access information and insights that transcend time and space. Through meditative engagement with a Lemurian Quartz, you can unravel the deep-seated blocks that impede your progress, lighting your path to spiritual evolution.

Manifester Quartz: Write a list of your manifestations down and place your crystal on top of it. You can also carry it in your wallet!

Faden Quartz: Place it on a part of your body that needs healing. For distance healing, meditate with it and visualize the person you’re sending healing energy to.

Lemurian Quartz: Close your eyes and run your thumb back and forth over the striations of the crystal to get to the root of what’s holding you back.

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