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Close up of young woman's wrist typing on mint-colored typewriter and wearing 3 Energy Muse Amazonite stretch bracelets.
Amazonite Bracelet
Relinquish Control • Authenticity • Hope
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Amazonite Touchstone
Hope • Play • Joy
$ 19.88
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Amazonite Point
Hope • Optimism • Positivity
from $ 16.95
Radiant Health Necklace
Health • Wellness • Healing
$ 28.88
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Chakra Healing Bracelet - Chakra Bracelet - Energy Muse
Chakra Healing Bracelet
from $ 24.88
Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit by Energy Muse in its packaging
Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit
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$ 24.99
Cultivating Happiness Bracelet Set
Amazonite • Citrine • Selenite
$ 59.88
Amazonite Stone
$ 8.88

If you are aching for that big, deep exhale, Amazonite is the perfect crystal for you to work with. Its refreshing, cool and joyful hues remind you to always take a breath, stay in the moment, and relinquish control in order to enjoy more peace and calm in your life. Every time you work with your Amazonite crystal, your sense of play will be activated — so that even if you have felt agitated or blocked before, you can embrace a new cheerful excitement for life

Specially curated to help bring optimism, hope, and positivity into your life, our line of Amazonite jewelry from Energy Muse is perfect for brightening your day. Whether it's a thoughtful gift for someone special or to treat yourself to some healing energy, Amazonite jewelry and crystals will not only add a touch of natural beauty to your personal style and environment but will also ramp up positive frequencies in your chakras.

The best way to find the perfect Amazonite stone, bracelet, or crystal for your needs is to use your intuition. When looking through our collection of Amazonite jewelry and other healing tools made with Amazonite beads and stones, think about what you need in your life and then notice which pieces stand out to you the most.

Amazonite Jewelry

At Energy Muse, we've thoughtfully designed our Amazonite bracelet line with other complementary crystals to give them powerful synergistic effects. Our bestselling Chakra Healing Bracelet is a unique piece that helps to balance, align, and cleanse all seven chakras. The colorful rainbow-colored bracelet contains different stones that are known for opening and activating all the energy centers such as Amazonite, Garnet, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, and others.

Another positivity-boosting piece in our collection is the Amazonite keychain, an easy way to keep you flowing with optimism on all your adventures. As you carry your keys with you throughout the day, allow the energy of the Amazonite stone to fill your life with fun, freedom, and happiness.

Amazonite Jewelry

An Amazonite stone can also be a healing and energizing addition to your gemstone collection. Perfect for instilling a dose of positivity and joy into your meditation sessions, the Amazonite touchstone has a smooth, polished surface and an oval shape that fits in the palm of your hand.

Another type of Amazonite crystal with powerful healing properties is raw Amazonite, which you can use to cleanse your heart chakra of negativity. Also called the lucky hope stone, its energy will help you manifest all your hopes and dreams.

Crystals that are polished and carved into a point or sphere are designed to contain a strong flow of positive energy. Available in large and extra large sizes ranging from 3-in to 5-in, the Amazonite point can be placed anywhere in your home as a reminder to tap into your inner joy and maintain a sense of optimism and hope throughout the day.

An easy way to add positive vibes to your home is with an Amazonite pillar, which will brighten up any room with its soothing blue-green color and elegant shape. For the best results, we recommend placing this striking piece in a prominent focal point in your home. Its energy will fill your home with positive energy and joyous frequencies while also adding a touch of natural chic to your decor.

With its serene color and uplifting properties, Amazonite is the perfect addition to your crystal collection. Combined with other stones such as Clear Quartz and Malachite, Amazonite has a gentle and healing energy that can soothe your spirit and quickly remove negativity.