Hi, Heather here!

For a couple of months now, I’ve challenged myself to find a really straightforward yet powerful way to manifest intentions more quickly. I’ve worked with specific crystal codes with groups of people recently and have been shocked by the lightning speed of their results: several people saw major changes in 7 days! 

Why Numbers?

I strongly believe the reason the groups and I were able to manifest SO quickly is because of the crystal codes we used: numerical activators that provide our crystals with specific, clear, and straightforward direction. Numbers are immediate and aren’t saddled with different meanings and connotations the way words can be. 

I’m introducing this concept now, with our this selection of jewelry, because I’ve heard from countless people that what they need the most during these often difficult times is fast support. You’ll receive quick instructions, and the crystal code itself, once you’ve ordered your bracelet.

Super Seven Bracelet
Being Present in the Now • Psychic Insight • Breaking Bad Luck
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Rutilated Quartz Bracelet
Wholeness • Love & Attraction • Attract Angels
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