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Angelite Bracelet
Blessings • Angelic Support • Compassion
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Angelite Point - Energy Muse
Angelite Point
Surrounds You with Angels • Calm • Comfort
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Angelite Stone - Tumbled Stones - Energy Muse
Angelite Stone
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Chakra Healing Bracelet - Chakra Bracelet - Energy Muse
Chakra Healing Bracelet
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Angelite Crystal Point Necklace
Truth • Angelic Support • Serenity
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If you are seeking a direct link to the angelic realm, Angelite jewelry and crystals are your guiding light. This peaceful crystal embodies the gentle vibrations of guardian angels. When you work with its gentle, soothing frequencies, it will infuse your spirit with serenity and good vibes. Its light blue, ethereal color is symbolic of an open sky, which brings a sense of freedom, calm, and relaxation.

Our Angelite collection is a specially curated selection of energy tools for manifesting positivity and joy. Sold as single pieces or in a kit, let your intuition be your guide as you choose the best Angelite stone for your needs.

Angelite Jewelry

A best-selling item, our Chakra Healing Bracelet is a colorful combination of gemstones designed to balance, align, and cleanse all seven chakras. This rainbow bracelet radiates light and love as it supports your spiritual transformation. Made with Angelite, Tiger’s Eye, Malachite, and more, each type of stone is known for its effects on all the energy centers of the body. For the best results, connect with your Angelite jewelry by repeating an affirmation that resonates with your heart. For example: I am secure. I am passionate, I am willful. I am joyful, etc.


When you need little helpers to bring in more light and hope, call on your inner angels when you access the comforting energy of an Angelite stone. Known for healing properties of peace and relaxation, Angelite is the perfect stone for enhancing meditation and sleep.

With any healing ritual involving forgiveness, the Angelite stone will bring calming and soothing energy to the process. When meditating with Angelite, you can use its healing properties as a reminder that you're never alone - you always have the wings of angels lifting you up to a higher state.

For an all-in-one energy kit, our Chakra Healing Stones include a combination of properties known for opening and activating different chakras in the body. Representing a beautiful rainbow of colors, it comes with Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Aventurine, Angelite, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz. With a range of healing properties, each stone works with the others to activate and cleanse all seven chakras.

Using our CRYSTAL365 book as a guide, you can use these chakra healing stones in a layout that cleanses in your energetic field. Featuring 52 popular stones, including their healing properties and features, our CRYSTAl365 book details different intentions and everyday healing rituals that can be used every day of the year. Our step-by-step instructions and guidance will give you insight and focus as you use gemstones to bring positivity and abundance into your life.

Pair it with a selection of your favorite crystals and energy clearing tools for a personalized gift for yourself or someone in your life that needs an energy boost. Shop Energy Muse today and follow your heart when choosing the best crystals and energy tools for your unique journey.