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Blue Apatite Bracelet
Inspiration • Higher Learning • Escape Comfort Zone
from $ 22.88
Health Charm
Wellness • Support • Healing
$ 14.88
product view of Health Bracelet by Energy Muse featuring Copper, Bloodstone, Blue Apatite, Turquoise and Dumortierite beads by Energy Muse
Close up of white man's wrist wearing Health Crystal Bracelet, Grounding Bracelet and Protection Bracelet by Energy Muse
Health Bracelet
Heal • Support • Protect
from $ 24.88
Blue Apatite Touchstone - Palm Stones - Energy Muse
Blue Apatite Touchstone
$ 29.88
Yellow Apatite Crystal
Manifestation • Joy • Wealth
Regular price $ 8.88 Sale pricefrom $ 7.99
Radiant Health Necklace
Health • Wellness • Healing
$ 28.88
Green Apatite Freeform Crystal
Inspiration • Love • Adventure
Regular price $ 64.88 Sale price$ 51.90
Health Stones - Energy Muse featuring genuine Shungite, Malachite, Apatite, Bloodstone and Clear Quartz
Health Stones
$ 24.95
$ 24.99
Power Bracelet
Strength • Courage • Amplified Energy
from $ 32.95
Crystal Power Necklace
Strength • Courage • Amplified Energy
$ 118.88
Life Balance Bracelet Set
Balance • Stability •
from $ 63.88

Boost your appetite for life with Apatite, a stone for inspiring action and maintaining focus. Our selection of Apatite jewelry and crystals include different types of pieces for all your healing needs. Use its high vibrations to encourage feelings of ambition and inspiration, allowing your motivation to set new projects and opportunities into motion.

Apatite Jewelry

For Apatite jewelry that supports physical well-being, our Health Bracelet is specially designed to support health and wellness. The Apatite stone helps you focus on your health, which in turn influences your appetite for life. The bracelet also includes Bloodstone for its revitalizing properties and Dumortierite to encourage patience and understanding. Align yourself with the high frequencies of this healing bracelet by repeating this affirmation when you wear it: I am perfectly healthy in my mind, body, and spirit.

Another piece from our Apatite gemstone collection is our best-selling Power Wrap For Women. Combining the energy of 9 stones, this colorful bracelet will help you tap into your inner strength, balance, and personal power. For the best results, program your bracelet with an intention that resonates with your spiritual goals. When wearing this bracelet throughout the day, repeat your intention every time you glance at it, using it as a reminder of its healing properties and how you can use them for support.


For a touch of inspirational zing in your gemstone collection, an Apatite crystal can help support your passion and motivation for new ideas and opportunities. Use its high vibrations to inspire a renewed zest for life, both in work and life. Every moment offers opportunities and new chances - Apatite reminds us to take those chances, be grateful, and let it bring in the light.

A powerful meditation stone is the Apatite touchstone, a polished, oval-shaped piece that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Holding the stone during meditation can help bring a sense of clarity and focus to your spirit, allowing you to be open to positivity and good vibes. It also helps you be more aware of your body and what it needs to maintain a healthy state.

Another selection for supporting health and wellness, our collection of Health Stones includes different properties known for their healing and cleansing effects. Cleanse and protect your mind-body-spirit with Apatite, Malachite, Clear Quartz, Bloodstone, and Shungite. Use these stones in a healing layout whenever you need an all-over chakra cleanse. Meditate for several minutes and imagine their healing light radiating into your body and infusing your chakras with health and balance.

For more step-by-step instructions on how to use your crystals in healing rituals, meditation sessions, and other therapies, our CRYSTAL365 book is your definitive guide. Using over 20 years of experience, we cover all the basics of some of the most powerful crystals in the mineral kingdom, including their healing properties and meaning.

Shop our Apatite jewelry and crystal collection today and open your heart to inspiration and magic.