Wealth Stones
Wealth Stones
Wealth Stones

Wealth Stones

Inviting Prosperity • Growing Wealth • Abundance
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This powerful combination of stones is like your financial advisor, providing an energetic layer of prosperous support on your journey. Including Aventurine, Tiger's Eye, Pyrite, Citrine and Malachite, this collection of crystals for money transforms you into a magnet for abundance, opportunity and good luck. In this set of crystals for wealth, you will receive 2 Aventurine stones, 2 Tiger's Eye stones, 2 Pyrite stones, 1 Citrine stone, and 1 Malachite stone.

This bag of crystals for wealth works as your financial support system, providing an energetic boost of prosperity every step of the way. Don't close yourself off to the energy of abundance by focusing on what you don't have; radiating with the energy of prosperity is the best way to attract opportunities. Our set of crystals for money will enhance your energy with confidence, focus, motivation, and optimism, allowing you to feel a flow of abundance in all areas of life. When you radiate a wealth of positive energy with the support of these stones for wealth, that positive outlook and mindset will fill your life with prosperity and optimism.

Included in our set of crystals for wealth and abundance is Citrine, which works by putting a stop to any negative money mind chatter. This happy stone will help you find the light in any dark situation. As a stone of manifestation, Citrine can guide you to achieve your intentions through the energies of persistence and passion.

Pyrite reminds you of your worthiness for unlimited abundance. This stone protects you from negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Its reflective essence helps you to see the fears or negative patterns holding you back, allowing you to recognize the changes you need to make for success.

Aventurine helps you manifest wealth. Known as the 'gambler's stone,' it has a reputation for bestowing luck. But that luck may have just as much to do with the other Aventurine properties like its ability to boost confidence, spontaneity, and adventure. When you feel joyful and optimistic, you're less afraid of the risks that you need to take in order to be successful.

Malachite helps you transform your finances. This stone of transition gives you the wisdom to see through the traps you have fallen into in the past so that you can avoid them in the future. Known for helping you grow, Malachite energy imbues the spirit with the determination to make positive changes. By opening the heart chakra, this power crystal increases passion and helps attract new opportunities into your life.

Get clear on what you want to manifest connecting with the fearless, confident energy of wealth stones!

Hold your stones in your hands, and say aloud or in your head: I activate these stones. Then, say your intention 11 times: I am a money magnet.

- Place your Pyrite on top of your business card for 40 days.

- Carry Citrine in your wallet for 40 days.

- Carry Malachite in your pocket for all business meetings.

- Write down what you want to manifest in regards to wealth.

- Place the remaining 5 stones on top of it. 5 is the number for changing your financial situation.

- Leave your stones in place for 40 days for maximum results. After the 40 days, cleanse your stones.

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