Bloodstone Jewelry and Crystals

Bloodstone Jewelry and Crystals

Crystal Code
product view of genuine Bloodstone bead stretch elastic crystal bracelet by Energy Muse
Woman wearing 3 genuine Bloodstone bead stretch elastic crystal bracelets by Energy Muse
Bloodstone Bracelet
Increased Energy • Purpose • Adventure
from $ 22.88
Bloodstone Stone
$ 5.88
Health Charm
Wellness • Support • Healing
$ 24.88
Health Stones - Energy Muse featuring genuine Shungite, Malachite, Apatite, Bloodstone and Clear Quartz
Health Stones
$ 24.95
Performance Bracelet
Perseverance • Strength • Stamina
from $ 29.88
Best Seller
Performance Necklace
Perseverance • Strength • Stamina
$ 129.95
$ 24.99
product view of Health Bracelet by Energy Muse featuring Copper, Bloodstone, Blue Apatite, Turquoise and Dumortierite beads by Energy Muse
Close up of white man's wrist wearing Health Crystal Bracelet, Grounding Bracelet and Protection Bracelet by Energy Muse
Health Bracelet
Heal • Support • Protect
from $ 24.88
Aries Bracelet Set
Passion • Courage • Leadership
from $ 47.88
Boost Your Energy Level Bracelet Set
Red Jasper • Malachite • Bloodstone
$ 79.88

Bloodstone is a crystal of strength, courage, purification and vitality with much ancient history. The ancient Greeks valued Bloodstone as an uplifting and protective gemstone. Ancient Greek gladiators often wore bloodstone jewelry or carried bloodstones while fighting as talismans for protection. 

 In the Middle Ages, the red spots in Bloodstone were thought to be spots of Christ’s blood, and special magical powers were thus attributed to the gemstone. The green was thought to represents the power of the Earth. Wearing a bloodstone bracelet can be very beneficial to your body as it is a powerful purifier and healing tool to rid the aura of negative energy. Once this is achieved, wholeness and balance are restored.

The ancient Greeks and Romans also carried bloodstones and wore bloodstone jewelry during athletic competitions to ensure endurance and give them physical strength to be victorious—thus leading to the creation of one of our original bloodstone bracelets, the Performance Bracelet. Our Performance Bracelet and Necklace were designed with athletes in mind, creating a specific combination of gemstones to bring energy, endurance and stamina to enhance their physical performance. Many professional athletes, like Dwight Howard, Mark McGwire, and Elaine Youngs, wear their performance bloodstone jewelry during practice and games to help them focus and perform to the best of their ability. However, these bloodstone bracelets are not just for athletes. Many musicians, performers and executives feel that wearing bloodstone jewelry gives them that needed energy boost and luck to excel in their field. Jason Mraz often wears his Performance Bracelet when he is performing on tour or interviewing on television.

Bloodstone Jewelry works to fully ground you, increasing your strength, determination and courage to excel in any challenge and achieve your dreams. It strengthens your 1st root chakra, which is the source of our physical energy, helping to get rid of that sluggish feeling that creeps into our bodies around midday. Choose from our selection of bloodstone jewelry and crystals!