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bottle of citrine-infused body oil by Energy Muse
open bottle of citrine body oil displaying dropper by Energy Muse
Citrine Body Oil
Uplifting • Positivity • Energy Boost
$ 34.88
open gold tin of citrine lip balm by Energy Muse
close up of up citrine lip balm with genuine citrine stones by Energy Muse
Citrine Lip Balm
Opportunity • Fortune • Joy
$ 12.88
product view of Money Magnet Oil Roller by Energy Muse featuring genuine Pyrite, Aventurine and Citrine crystals, plus organic cinnamon, five finger grass and basil oils.
Woman rolling Money Magnet Oil Roller by Energy Muse featuring genuine Pyrite, Aventurine and Citrine crystals, plus organic cinnamon, five finger grass and basil oils on her left wrist.
Money Magnet Crystal Oil Roller
Regular price $ 29.95 Sale price$ 22.46
Evil Eye Soap
Cleansing • Protection • Revitalizing
Regular price $ 14.88 Sale price$ 11.16
White Sage Clearing Spray
Clearing • Removing Negativity • Cleansing
Regular price $ 14.88 Sale price$ 11.16
Palo Santo Aroma Oil
Blessings • Creativity • Cleansing
Regular price $ 4.88 Sale price$ 3.66
Californian white sage aroma oil - Energy Muse
Californian white sage aroma oil with packaging - Energy Muse
Sage Aroma Oil
Purifying • Clearing • Removes Negativity Energy
Regular price $ 4.88 Sale price$ 3.66
Frankincense Aroma Oil - Energy Muse
Frankincense Aroma Oil, Palo Santo Aroma Oil, Sage Aroma Oil, Chakra Candle, Super Seven bracelet - Energy Muse
Frankincense Aroma
Harmony • Uplifting • Transformation
Regular price $ 4.88 Sale price$ 3.66
Back in Stock
Wealth Attractor Soap
Abundance • Confidence • Good Luck
Regular price $ 9.88 Sale price$ 7.41
Shungite Detox Soap
Antibacterial • Anti-microbial • EMF Detoxification
$ 19.88

Whether it's a thoughtful gift for someone special or to indulge in some luxurious rest and relaxation, we make it easy for you to elevate the way you wash. Take your bath & body wellness routine to the next level. 

Bath & Body Crystals

Our selection of wellness crystals is designed to bring the restorative healing power of the Earth into your home. Shop our bath crystals today and get ready to bring peace and blessings into your life! We at Energy Muse have carefully curated a selection of our best-selling bath crystals, which range from body scrubs and body oils to other bath & body accessories that have been infused with the healing and uplifting energy of gemstones. We recommend using your intuition to choose the best bath crystals for your needs —that way, you can create your own personalized crystal bath accessories set that harmonizes with the natural flow of your unique energy.

Bath & Body Accessories

Our selection of body crystals includes everything you need for ramping up your daily wellness regimen. For cleansing and uplifting your energy on-the-go, you'll love our choice of travel-size oil rollers, which are infused with gemstones such as Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and more.

Another must-have for your crystal bath accessories set is our best-selling face roller, which is available in Jade or Rose Quartz. We recommend using it on a daily basis to rejuvenate your face with healing crystal energy.

Our selection of bath crystals also features a variety of body scrubs, which are designed to gently exfoliate the skin and refresh the body/mind/spirit with gemstones and essential oils.

For some ultra-luxe shut-eye, we recommend the silk Amethyst Eye Pillow, which is filled with tiny Amethyst crystals, lavender, and flaxseed. The Amethyst will cleanse your third eye chakra, helping your mind to detox from everyday worries so you can drift off into a peaceful night's rest.

Another essential item for your crystal bath accessories set is our High Vibes Crystal Room Spray or No Bad Vibes Room Spray, which is infused with the healing energy of Palo Santo essential oil plus Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Fluorite crystals. Whenever you want to boost the flow of positive energy in your environment, simply spray this cleansing mist for a quick tune-up of any space.

Our collection of body crystals also includes crystal-infused bath bombs, which are designed to amplify your bathtub water with the peaceful and purifying energy of gemstones. Choose from the Aura Cleansing Bath Bomb for cleansing and detox, our Relaxation Crystal Bath Bomb for harmony end energy clearing, and more.

At Energy Muse, our selection of bath & body accessories also features crystal-infused energy clearing tools such as our variety of massage bars. Incorporated with a synergistic combination of stones and essential oils, these moisturizing body bars are specially designed to enhance your energy levels and boost vitality. Pair it with the Black Obsidian Gua Sha and get ready to rock at the highest vibrations.

Shop our selection of energy-enhancing tools for your complete crystal bath accessories set, which will bring good vibes into your life!