Dragons Blood & Mountain Sage Stick

Dragons Blood & Mountain Sage Stick

Protection • Purification • Clearing
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A Dragon’s Blood & Mountain Sage Stick is one of the most powerful energy clearing tools to remove extremely heavy, dense, dark or toxic energy from your space. When you need an extra boost of cleansing energy to clear out the energetic sludge or grime from your environment, call upon this unique blend of energies to cut through the lower frequencies and restore your home to a higher vibration. This herbal cleansing stick is made with mountain sage that has Dragon’s Blood Resin on it, which is why it is sometimes referred to as “red sage.”

This sage stick features mountain sage with Dragon’s Blood, a natural plant resin. The Dragon’s Blood Resin gives the sage their red hue, which is why is sometimes referred to as “red sage.” In addition to adding a vibrant color to the sage, the Dragon’s Blood resin also enhances the cleansing properties of the sage and makes this sage stick even more powerful.

Dragon’s Blood is known for its ability to protect against negative energy. It is especially powerful for removing dark energies and cutting through heavy, dense energy or lower vibrational frequency. The combination of dragon’s blood resin and sage within this sage stick make it an extra-strength energy cleanser for the home. When you feel that there is toxic or dark energy in your environment, use this sage stick to eliminate those unwanted vibrations and raise the vibration of your space.

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Open all of the doors and windows within your home. Burn your Dragon's Blood & Mountain Sage stick while moving clockwise through your home. As you burn your sage stick, recite a prayer, wish or intention. Allow the smoke from the sage stick to carry your intention and use it to clear out the energy of your home.

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