White Sage + Dragon&
White Sage + Dragon&
White Sage + Dragon&
White Sage + Dragon&
White Sage + Dragon&
White Sage + Dragon&

White Sage + Dragon's Blood Incense

Clearing • Cleansing • Empowerment
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Introducing our exquisite White Sage + Dragon's Blood Resin Incense Stick Set, a harmonious fusion of two powerful natural elements designed to elevate your energy and bring positivity into your space. As we step into the auspicious Year of the Wood Dragon in 2024, this incense set becomes a must-have energy tool to embrace the lunar new year with intention, vitality, fire and clarity.

Includes 10 sticks • Weighs approx. 1.3 ounces • Final Sale

White Sage, renowned for its sacred cleansing properties, takes center stage in this unique blend. Traditionally used by Native American cultures for smudging ceremonies, white sage purifies the air, dispelling negative energy and promoting a sense of clarity and balance. As you light these sticks, allow the soothing aroma of white sage to create a tranquil atmosphere, cleansing your surroundings and inviting positive energies to flow freely.

Complementing the purity of white sage is the mystical essence of Dragon's Blood Resin. Derived from the sap of the dragon tree, this resin carries ancient associations with protection, strength, and manifestation. As the woodsy and earthy notes of dragon's blood resin intertwine with the cleansing properties of white sage, you'll experience a unique fusion that not only purifies but also empowers your spirit.

Embrace the energy of the Wood Dragon with our thoughtfully crafted incense set, symbolizing growth, strength, and adaptability. The combination of white sage and dragon's blood resin creates a dynamic synergy that aligns with the transformative energy of the lunar new year, making this set a meaningful addition to your celebrations.

Whether you're seeking to cleanse your space, set positive intentions for the new year, or simply create a serene ambiance, our White Sage + Dragon's Blood Resin Incense Stick Set is your go-to companion. Elevate your spiritual practice, welcome the Year of the Wood Dragon with open arms, and let the captivating fragrance of this incense set guide you towards a year filled with positivity and prosperity.

Burn your White Sage + Dragon's Blood Incense to both cleanse and clear the energy of your space and uplift its vibration. Never leave unattended. Keep away from children and pets.

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