Archangel Chamuel Candle
Archangel Chamuel Candle
Archangel Chamuel Candle

Archangel Chamuel Candle

Love • Compassion • Emotional Healing
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Archangel Chamuel represents love, compassion, and emotional healing. He is called upon to help people find inner peace, heal relationships, and navigate through challenges with grace and understanding. This archangel is often invoked alongside Rose quartz to amplify feelings of love, heal emotional wounds, and promote harmonious relationships. This combination is favored by those seeking angelic support in matters of the heart. Light this candle to call upon him and surround yourself with love.
Scent: Rose

4.5 ounce candle • Measures approx 3” tall x 2.75” diameter • Weighs approx. 11.9 ounces

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Discover the serene aura of the Archangel Chamuel Candle, where each flicker ignites a beacon of love and compassion. With its soft, tender glow, this candle is not just an object, but a guiding light for those yearning for emotional healing and deeper connections. 

Designed for moments when your heart seeks solace, or when the tapestry of your relationships yearns for the gentle touch of understanding, Archangel Chamuel's presence is delicately infused into each burn. Coupled with the harmonious energy of Rose quartz, lighting this candle becomes an intimate ritual that fosters an ambiance of unconditional love.

Ignite this beacon of hope and allow Archangel Chamuel to envelop you in an empathetic embrace. Whether it's a bridge you wish to mend or a self-love you're nurturing, the flame of this candle stands as a testament to the strength of love, and its ability to conquer.

Set the stage for peace and affection to flourish in every corner of your life. Transform your sanctuary with the Archangel Chamuel Candle, and take the first step towards an existence filled with love's everlasting warmth.

1. On the outside of your Archangel Chamuel Candle, write a word or intention of what you want their help on.

2. Light your candle: this act marks your connection with the angelic realm. Allow the flame to burn away the energy that no longer serves you.

3. While holding your crystal in your hand, call in the archangel and ask them for the support you need.

4. Carry your Rose Quartz with you throughout the day to carry supportive angelic energy everywhere.

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