Charcoal Rounds

Charcoal Rounds

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Charcoal Rounds are a must-have for purifying and clearing practices. Simply place the resin, herb or incense of your choice on top of the charcoal to ignite it and make burning your incense or resin more convenient and easy-to-use. Whether you want to purify, clear, protect or uplift your space, a charcoal round can help you keep your environment vibrating at the highest frequency.

A charcoal round makes it easy and convenient to burn your incense, herbs, resin, and other clearing tools. By lighting the charcoal, you can place your incense or resin on top for a powerful energy clearing session.

The charcoal is a useful tool because it gives you a surface to burn your incense and resin in a clean and effective manner. It also enhances the power of your clearing practice by ensuring the materials burn continuously and safely at the same rate. So sit back, relax, and allow your charcoal round to strengthen your cleansing ritual.

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Place your charcoal in a fireproof dish, a bowl filled with rice or an incense burner. Light the charcoal until you can see flickering embers and sparks all over it. (If you do not heat the charcoal to the point where it lights, it will not be hot enough and your resin will melt). Place a resin of your choice on top of the charcoal to purify and clear your energy and environment.

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