AA-grade Madagascar Rose Quartz • 200 lbs
AA-grade Madagascar Rose Quartz • 200 lbs
AA-grade Madagascar Rose Quartz • 200 lbs
AA-grade Madagascar Rose Quartz • 200 lbs
AA-grade Madagascar Rose Quartz • 200 lbs
AA-grade Madagascar Rose Quartz • 200 lbs

AA-grade Madagascar Rose Quartz • 200 lbs

Love • Happiness • Soothing
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Experience the pure, high-frequency love of our 200-lb Madagascar Rose Quartz. Perfect for any space, this AA-quality crystal offers unconditional love and emits strong, soothing energy. Hug it, sit on it, or simply enjoy its beautiful presence—this rare piece is all about elevating your space with love. It’s SO rare to find a piece this large! This large crystal is from Energy Muse’s personal collection and we are so excited to share it with you!


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Introducing our extraordinary 200-lb Madagascar Rose Quartz Crystal, a unique gem that radiates the highest vibrations of love and healing. This remarkable piece is more than just a crystal; it's a source of transformative energy that can elevate any space with its soothing presence.

Key Features

1. Unconditional Love Crystal

Rose Quartz is renowned for its powerful connection to unconditional love. This high-grade Madagascar Rose Quartz is especially potent, emitting a pure and strong energy that promotes love and emotional healing. Imagine wrapping your arms around this crystal and feeling an overwhelming sense of warmth and peace—it's like a love hug from the universe itself.

2. Natural Smile and Unique Formation

One of the most delightful aspects of this particular rose quartz is its natural smiling face. Look closely, and you’ll see two charming black eyes and a smiling expression, making this crystal not only a source of loving energy but also a cheerful companion in your home.

3. Gem Quality and Large Size

Finding such high-quality gem-grade rose quartz in a substantial size like this is rare. This 200-lb crystal is not just a beautiful decorative piece; it's a treasure that brings both aesthetic and energetic benefits to your surroundings.

4. Versatile Placement

Whether you place it in your bedroom, as a centerpiece in your living room, or even in your garden, this crystal enhances the atmosphere with its loving energy. It's perfect for creating a serene and harmonious environment that fosters emotional well-being.

5. Grounding and Energetic Balance

From a healer’s perspective, this rose quartz crystal serves as an excellent tool for grounding. You can sit on it to center yourself, absorbing its calming and loving vibrations. It's designed for those moments when you need to feel anchored and filled with a soothing energetic field of love.

6. Strong Energy Emission

This crystal emits a powerful frequency of high-grade love. Just being near it, or laying on it, can provide a sense of emotional upliftment and balance. It's a rare find that offers an unmatched emission of positive energy, making it a precious addition to any spiritual practice.

This 200-lb Madagascar Rose Quartz Crystal is truly a gem of unparalleled beauty and energy. Its ability to emit a pure, high-frequency vibration of love makes it an essential piece for anyone looking to elevate the energy of their space. Whether for personal healing, as a centerpiece, or a grounding tool, this crystal is a one-of-a-kind treasure that brings both aesthetic beauty and profound energetic benefits.

Place your one-of-a-kind Rose Quartz crystal in your bedroom, living room, or any other room that could use some loving energy.

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