Wealth Tea Light Candles
Wealth Tea Light Candles
Wealth Tea Light Candles
Wealth Tea Light Candles
Wealth Tea Light Candles
Wealth Tea Light Candles

Wealth Tea Light Candles

Abundance • Success • Opportunity
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Discover the secret to inviting abundance into your life with our Wealth Tea Light Candles. Crafted for those who seek more – more success, more prosperity, and an overflowing bounty of good fortune. Made with pyrite crystals and a rich blend of Basil, Cinnamon, Sage, Mint, and Clove, each candle in this unique set of 9 is a beacon of potential, designed to illuminate your path to wealth with an unmatched blend of intention and natural elements.

9 Candles / 1.5" Diameter 0.75" Tall 5" x 5" box

Wealth Tea Light Candles: Your Gateway to Abundance

Our candles are not just candles; they're your personal allies in the manifestation of wealth. With a careful selection of colors and components, each candle is a powerhouse of attraction:

  • Color Green: Symbolizing growth, renewal, and the vibrancy of prospering wealth.
  • Herbs/Scent: A rich blend of Basil, Cinnamon, Sage, Mint, and Clove fills the air with a scent that's as enriching as it is invigorating. These aren't just fragrances; they're ancient heralds of wealth, each chosen for their ability to draw fortune closer.
  • Crystals – Pyrite: Known as "Fool's Gold," Pyrite is famous for attracting wealth. Embedded in each candle, these crystals are your sparkling allies, magnifying your intentions and acting as talismans of prosperity.

Whether you're looking to amplify your financial independence, attract new opportunities, or simply invite more luxury into your life, these candles set the stage for transformation. Light them with purpose, and watch as the universe begins to align in your favor.

Heather’s Pro Tip: Amplify your intentions by lighting them in groups of three. Our founder Heather has shared this special insight as her go-to method for triggering swift, positive change. It’s your little secret weapon in the universe’s vast field of energy.

With every flicker and flame, feel the universe bending towards your will, nourishing your ambitions, and clearing the path for your success story. This isn’t just about lighting a candle; it’s about igniting the first spark in a series of triumphant achievements.

1. Ideally start your ritual on a new moon.
2. Find a peaceful area where you can be undisturbed.
3. Light your candle with a match or lighter.
4. Close your eyes, reflect, and take a few deep breaths.
5. After grounding yourself, recite your intention loudly.
6. While the candle burns, visualize your intention coming to reality.
7. Close the ritual by expressing gratitude.
8. Burn one candle daily. Repeat for nine days.

For an extra boost, try lighting them in groups of three; it's Heather’s personal fast-track energy hack to get positive changes moving swiftly in your life.

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