Love Yourself First Crystal Candle
Love Yourself First Crystal Candle
Love Yourself First Crystal Candle

Love Yourself First Crystal Candle

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Fill your home with warmth and loving vibrations with the help of your Self-Love Crystal Candle. Made with a Rose Quartz crystal, a Rhodochrosite crystal, as well as rose petals and rose and geranium essential oils, this candle is designed to radiate the highest vibrations of love into your space. Light your candle to set the mood for a powerful self-love or self-care session, or whenever you want to infuse more love and light into your environment.

The Self-Love Crystal Candle is the perfect way to support your self-love intentions, while simultaneously creating a warm atmosphere in your home. This crystal candle features Rose Quartz crystal, which is the ultimate stone of love. By opening your heart and filling your energy with the highest vibrations of love, the Rose Quartz stone within this candle reminds you to treat yourself with loving kindness. Lighting this candle at the beginning of your self-care practice can enhance your ritual and support a deeper connection to self.

A Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite crystal candle is also a powerful way to infuse your environment with the energy of love and happiness. Burning this candle will fill your space with high vibrations and allow you to feel surrounded by love.

The coconut oil used to produce this candle is extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts that are sustainably harvested from the Coconut Palm tree (Cocos Nucifera). Coconuts are a renewable and sustainable resource since no tree is cut down in order to pick the coconuts and extract the coconut oil. The coconut palm tree is known as a "three generation" tree because one tree lives and bears fruit for up to 60 years, which means it can support a farmer, the farmer’s children, and the farmer’s grandchildren over three generations. The coconut trees are not sprayed with pesticides and the coconut wax is vegan. We used coconut oil because it has a lower melt point which helps to keep the therapeutic benefits and phytoactive values of the essential oils alive in the most holistic way. This candle is made using real essential oils to create a plant-based aroma.

Burn this candle to create a loving, relaxing ambiance in your home. After the first burn, carefully remove the Rose Quartz. Each morning, hold your Rose Quartz crystal over your heart, close your eyes and say your favorite self-affirmation out loud. Carry your Rose Quartz stone throughout the day as a reminder to show yourself love and compassion.

How to Safely Remove Your Crystals: Use a tweezer or small spoon to safely remove your crystals in order to harvest them and use them while setting your intention. If you find that your crystals are burning close to the wick, or are effecting how your candle burns, go ahead and remove them. Simply rinse your crystals with warm water to remove the coconut wax.

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