Shop Golden Healer Quartz Crystals

Shop Golden Healer Quartz Crystals

Crystal Code
Golden Healer Quartz Bracelet
Healing • Awareness • Family Healing
from $ 22.88
Improved Health Bracelet Set
Wellness • Positivity • Compassion
from $ 53.88
Golden Healer with Pyrite Freeform
Light • Abundance • Full Potential
from $ 64.88
Golden Healer Quartz Freeform Crystal
Managing Conflict • Emotional Healing • Stability
from $ 34.88
Golden Healer Quartz Stone
$ 8.88

Imagine a world in which everything you touched turned to gold...with Golden Healer Quartz, it can! This golden stone helps to shine a light on what is holding you back from calling in positive energy and high vibrations to your relationships, career, finances, or any other area of your life. By guiding you to heal and raise your vibration, this Gold Quartz stone allows you to be the alchemist in your own life.

Gold Quartz Stone

Welcome to Energy Muse, where you'll find a thoughtfully curated collection of the best energy tools for your needs, including Golden Healer quartz. One of the best stones for emotional healing, the Gold Quartz stone is known for its properties that help support the heart in managing conflicts. If you need an extra dose of calm and stability in your life, shop for your own Golden Healer Quartz and let its warming vibes surround you with love and positivity.

When you connect with the Gold Quartz stone, it allows for mental and physical healing by supporting your inner calm with its stabilizing frequencies. This is why Golden Healer Quartz is particularly helpful to call on for support when navigating difficulties. As you release negative energy in any situation, this stabilizing heart chakra stone allows you to have a more positive perspective.

Containing Hematite and Quartz, Gold Quartz crystal is a powerful multi-mineral stone that activates and opens the base, root, and crown chakras. When these energy centers are balanced, you are more easily able to stay in control of your emotions. Instead of overreacting in a challenging situation, reach for the Gold Quartz stone and harness is energy to decompress and recenter your mind-body-spirit. Your chakras will thank you, and the infusion of pure energy that you receive from this unique gemstone will give you a sense of renewal after overcoming challenging situations.

Golden Healer Quartz Crystal

For the best results with your Golden Healer Quartz, we recommend using a touchstone to enhance your meditation practice. Polished and shaped to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, the warm and positive energy of the Golden Quartz touchstone will help you release any toxic emotions holding you in the past. Then when you are free from negativity, use its positive energy to support your vision of the future while encouraging wholeness in the present moment.

Another way to harness the healing energy of this heart-opening stone is with Golden Healer Quartz points. Like other crystal points such as Selenite and Quartz, its spear-like shape makes it a powerful healing tool because it allows its healing properties to flow and radiate even stronger. Use its energy to motivate you to take action, giving you a brighter outlook and opening your eyes to more possibilities. We recommend writing down goals and resolutions on a piece of paper and placing it underneath the point. Keep it in a spot that is highly visible as a reminder to stay positive no matter what obstacles you face.

For more ideas on how to use crystals for healing, our CRYSTAL365 book has 52 different crystals along with healing layouts and techniques designed to support specific intentions. This unique guide also includes the best gemstone combinations for crystal healing.

With Golden Healer Quartz in your collection, you'll have access to a powerful stone that contains the healing properties of both Hematite and Quartz, two of the most grounding and cleansing crystals in the mineral kingdom.