Lucky Crystal Elephants
Lucky Crystal Elephants

Lucky Crystal Elephants

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They say that elephants never forget, and with the good luck and confidence that these Crystal Elephant stones inspire, you won't be forgetting them anytime soon! This harmonious pair of crystals, which include an Aventurine Elephant and a matching Tiger's Eye Crystal Elephant, will fill you with a sense of abundance that encourages you to take life by the horns--or tusks! Whatever room you place them in, make sure each Crystal Elephant is facing towards the center of the room, as this position directs good energy into the space, while the opposite will usher the luck out. If you face them outward towards the windows, you also won't be able to see the cute faces of each elephant.

The elephant represents strength, wisdom, and loyalty, which is why we've included a handcrafted Aventurine Elephant and Tiger's Eye with this special set of lucky charms. When an elephant's trunk is facing upwards, it is especially charmed because it brings in prosperity, victory, and an extra dose of good luck. Made with Aventurine glass and Tiger's Eye crystal, this Feng Shui-enhancing set not only brings good luck, protection, and strength into the home, but it also keeps you from losing your positive energy and chi.

For the best results, we recommend keeping this pair of lucky elephants in a room that needs high energy and motivation such as a studio or office. You should also keep their energy active and open by regularly cleansing their frequencies with cleansing tools like Palo Santo and Sage. When purifying their energy, it's also the perfect time to program each elephant with an intention for growth, prosperity, and motivation.

When it comes to crystal healing, Tiger's Eye and Aventurine is a powerful combination that will help you focus and stay motivated. Their properties will encourage you to achieve all your creative goals and aspirations. Whenever you need a dose of good luck to keep you going during a creative work session, look at your crystal elephants or hold them in your hand to reconnect with their high vibrations.

Aventurine is the perfect stone to pair with elephant symbolism. Known to attract fortuity, money, and protection from financial hardship, Aventurine will multiply all the elements of prosperity that the elephant's meaning already enhances.

The Tiger's Eye Elephant Crystal will employ its high-vibe power to infuse you with creative inspiration and confidence in your talents. As it opens and connects to your lower chakras, it will motivate and empower you to go after what you want without holding back. Bolster your inner power and commitment to a brighter future through meditation with this Tiger's Eye elephant amulet, the ultimate tool for cultivating good luck and prosperity.

Whether it's for enhancing your environment to bring prosperity into your life or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, this set of lucky elephants is the gift that keeps on giving.

Place your pair of elephants by your door, facing into your home. This Feng Shui tip brings in good luck, offers protection and provides strength to the home. You always want the green aventurine elephant statue to face into the room, because it is believed if it faces out, you'll lose the chi, or energy, that the elephant can bring in.

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