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Giant Lemurian Quartz Points
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Lemurian Crystal
Patience • Wisdom • Serenity
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Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal
Wisdom • Serenity • Unconditional Love
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Rare Quartz Formation Bundle
Manifest • Heal • Breakthrough
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Lemurian Quartz is imbued with magical energy that brings patience, wisdom, and serenity to its surroundings. This unique gemstone allows those yearning for fulfillment to reach their highest spiritual peak when they call upon its energy. For those seeking serenity in this chaotic and hectic world, the Lemurian crystal is a special and unique gift from the mineral kingdom. With its ancient energy and wisdom, the Lemurian stone brings gifts of patience, balance, and self-awareness with its soothing powers.

Lemurian Quartz

Bring balance and focus into your life with the Lemurian stone. If you are confused about your life path, seek the guidance of the Lemurian stone to guide you into the present and future. With support from Lemurian, envision a wondrous life path filled with patience, calm, and wisdom. The Lemurian quartz has the power to teach us to love one another and ourselves as we navigate the turbulent waters of life. If you are yearning for a connection between mind, body, and spirit, the Lemurian stone’s energy will shine a light on the path. At the same time, the stone will invite all of your chakras to be cleansed and harmonized.

The Lemurian quartz stone has an unusual variety of naturally occurring designs in its crystal formation, and the striations are said to be remnants of a lost Lemurian civilization, the likes of which have been lost to history. According to ancient lore, if the programming codes are unlocked, the released energy could bring about a new reality. The stone certainly evokes ancient energy that flows into the universe directly from the earth.

Lemurian Crystal

The Lemurian stone has loving energy that is reflected in its connection to angelic realms. When you gaze into the ladder-like striations within the crystal, it symbolizes the stairway to heaven. If you are attracted to the Lemurian crystal, you're looking for a spiritual guide to lead you through life’s storms. It’s time to let the ancient wisdom of angels take the reins and lead the way to spiritual freedom.

Set your intention for peace, serenity, and wisdom as you rub your thumb along its striations while meditating. You will soon unlock its deep and ancient wisdom and get better at understanding yourself and your spirituality. Release your fear and blockages and let the angels guide you to a new realm.

For other healing layouts and techniques for the Lemurian stone, refer to our comprehensive CRYSTAL365 book, which includes a variety of powerful ways to apply the healing powers of gemstones and crystals to your daily life.

The ancient wisdom imbued in the Lemurian stone will fill your soul with serenity and calm. Bring forth the love of angels as you tap into its gentle yet effervescent power that will shine a light on your life path toward spirituality and love. Spiritual guidance can be found within when you call upon the stone’s Mother Earth energy source.