Shungite Crystal Earrings
Shungite Crystal Earrings

Shungite Crystal Earrings

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No matter where you are or what’s going on around you, your Shungite earrings have your back. By helping you detoxify your mind, body, and spirit from all harmful or negative energy, your Shungite earrings allow you to keep your energy protected and at its highest vibration. Known for its ability to neutralize the effects of EMfs from your tech devices, these Shungite stud earrings are particularly powerful for anyone who spends a lot of time on or around technology.

Like a filter for your energy, your Shungite stud earrings purify and detoxify your mind, body, and spirit of all harmful or negative energy. By wearing the Shungite stone closer to your upper chakras, the earrings allow them to help you be more conscious and aware of the frequencies you allow into your energy field, especially when it comes to technology.

As the number one stone for technology, Shungite minimizes the effects of electric and magnetic fields, or EMFs, emitted by your electronic devices. The stone helps to neutralize these harmful frequencies so you can avoid the brain fog and emotional exhaustion that comes with too much technology.

Besides protecting your energy from technology, your Shungite crystal earrings also shield you from other unwanted energy from the world around you, keeping your energy at its highest vibration.

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Wear your Shungite earrings on days where you’ll need an extra layer of protection around your energy field. Whether you’re traveling, working, or socializing, these Shungite crystal earrings can help you detox your spirit of any negative or harmful frequencies from technology, people, and the world around you.

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