Moonstone Crystal Earrings
Moonstone Crystal Earrings

Moonstone Crystal Earrings

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There’s no better way to harness the energy of the moon and supercharge your intentions than with these Moonstone Crystal Earrings. By connecting specifically with the energy of the full moon, these Moonstone earrings offer an energetic boost that helps to maximize the full energetic potential of your intentions so you can manifest at a higher frequency.

A Moonstone crystal is highly connected with the energy of the moon. While you can use it throughout the moon cycle, one of its most powerful uses is on or near the full moon. Because of its high vibration, Moonstone helps to clear any energy that is holding you back or preventing you from manifesting at your highest potential. Similarly, it helps to clear away any energetic blocks that stand in the way of your intentions. Working with this stone allows you to take your intentions to the next level and bring them to fruition.

Wearing your Moonstone earrings gives you constant access to this powerful energy. Specifically, wearing them on and in the days after the full moon helps to give your intentions the energetic boost they need to come full circle. No matter what you are manifesting – love, wealth, health, and beyond – your Moonstone Crystal Earrings can support you.

These Moonstone Crystal Earrings are made with sterling silver. Discounts and promotions not valid. All sales are final on earrings.

Wear your Moonstone crystal earrings beginning on the full moon and for then next 14 days of the lunar cycle to connect with the energy of the full moon, bring your intentions to life, and maximize your full potential.

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