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Healing Crystal Necklaces

Rhodonite Crystal Point Necklace
Self-Compassion • Self-Love • Forgiveness
$ 24.88
Red Tiger's Eye Beaded Necklace
Motivation • Vitality • Self-Assurance
Regular price $ 44.88 Sale price$ 40.39
carved Fluorite angel pendant necklace by Energy Muse
Woman holding genuine Fluorite angel pendant necklace by Energy Muse
Fluorite Angel Necklace
Wishes • Magic • Miracles
Regular price $ 36.88 Sale price$ 33.19
Rutilated Quartz Convertible Bracelet-Necklace
Attract Angels • Breaking through • Wholeness
$ 74.88
Sunstone Convertible Bracelet-Necklace
Sensuality • Self-Confidence • Creativity
$ 74.88
Carnelian Convertible Bracelet-Necklace
Creativity • Passion • Confidence
$ 74.88
Raw Larimar Convertible Bracelet-Necklace
Relaxation • Escape • Serenity
$ 74.88
Tiger's Eye Convertible Bracelet-Necklace
Power • Courage • Willpower
$ 74.88
Prehnite Convertible Bracelet-Necklace
Renewal • Peace • Hope
$ 74.88
Jupiter Necklace
Abundance • Success • Prosperity
$ 188.88
Protection Necklace
Security • Shield • Psychic Protection
$ 129.95
Jet Adjustable Necklace
Protection • Release Negative Emotions • Shielding
$ 34.88
Amethyst Adjustable Necklace
Intuition • Peace & Calm • Business Savvy-ness
$ 34.88
Limited Edition!
Sound-Charged Protective Energetic Armor Set
Unparalleled Protection, Grounding, and Balance
$ 188.88

Energy Muse proudly offers handcrafted, healing necklaces featuring energy crystals to purify and align inner growth. These elegant crystal necklaces serve as much more than just jewelry: they provide a healing balance within your soul, refueling your positive energy and encouraging manifestation to help you live the life of your dreams.

Our necklaces symbolize the balance and expansion of your consciousness that you crave. By wearing a healing crystal necklace with specific gemstones, you'll capture the power of the crystal to activate the inner healing and manifestation process. They can also help your body’s natural healing process so you can heal your mind, body, and soul from the inside out.

These meaningful necklaces are exactly what you’ll need to promote the positive energy you seek in life. Use them to transform yourself into a stronger and more balanced individual. Attract the love of your life, add calmness into your day, or find empowerment with the command of ancient crystals found within our necklaces.

With healing necklaces, you'll transform your life with inner strength to increase your overall well being. Wear the necklaces with meaning proudly and radiate positive energy everywhere you go. You’ll feel as if all of your dreams are in reach, so you can take the path towards your intentions and discover your true self.

If you want to cleanse your soul and find balance from within, healing crystal necklaces can help you achieve this. At Energy Muse, we have a wide range of distinctive crystal necklace for women that are sure to serve your intentions and bring you closer to your true self.

Healing Crystal Necklaces

Energy Muse necklaces are crafted not only with fine technical skill but also the greatest intention of all: love. By wearing an Energy Muse necklace literally close to your heart, the subtle but powerful energy transmitted through the stones can guide you along a meaningful life path.

Every detail of our necklace designs is intended to serve a purpose. No matter what necklace you choose, it was carefully made by hand here in the U.S.A., and is cleared, activated, and set with its highest intentions in our sacred healing room before we package it with educational materials for you. We make it easy to take care of your necklace so that it can serve you best. Learn more about how crystals work.

How to Choose the Right Necklace

Do you struggle with self-confidence? Do you want to strengthen the connection you have with your higher source? Looking to boost physical health or deflect the negative energy of others? For every soul struggle you may be going through, we have a necklace with a special purpose to help you grow past it.

Feel free to shop by intention, chakra, astrological sign, gemstone, collection, or color. That’s the best way to find one that exemplifies your intentions and desires in life. As you search through your favorites and find one you like, keep in mind that every color comes with a different meaning.

That’s because colors have a profound healing effect. Each shade possesses a distinct purpose and meaning, which is beautifully expressed in gemstones of all kinds. Once you understand the role the colors play in your healing crystal necklace, you’ll be able to find one that pairs with your chakra or astrological sign.

A crystal necklace with white stones, such as Clear Quartz and Moonstone, is linked with the purity of thought that comes from reaching enlightenment. The bright, sparkling sheen of white gemstones contain all the colors of the spectrum, making their healing properties a unifying force of clarity and intention.

Red gemstones worn against the skin in a crystal necklace is a simple way to access their continuous grounding effects. Red represents the life force, making red stones a powerful conductor of energy that helps boost circulation. On a mental level, it lights a fire in your root chakra, serving as a reminder that it’s time to get your head out of the clouds and back to building your dreams.

Pink stones, like Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite, are associated with the heart chakra and when worn against the skin as a necklace crystal, you’ll have the power to view life through rose-tinted glasses. Pink is also the color of compassion and unconditional love. Symbolizing the color of the midday, orange stones radiate the energy of the sun at full strength, shining down on the greenery of the earth as part of the miracle of photosynthesis.

Always stay on the sunny side of life. That’s the embodiment of yellow, the brightest and most cheerful color in the spectrum. Yellow stones like Yellow Jasper and Citrine are like Vitamin C for the mind-body-spirit, making them a popular stone to feature in crystal necklaces. Wear a necklace crystal with yellow stones and always bring a little ray of sunshine wherever you go.

Green stones are the ultimate good luck charm. Green stones like Jade and Aventurine help to bring balance back into your life. Wear green stones against the skin in a crystal necklace and channel the vibrant and powerful color that symbolizes success and prosperity.

The color of self-expression, blue represents the soothing river of tranquility found deep within the happy place in the mind that can cool off any hot-headed tendencies. Blue stones like Blue Lace Agate and Lapis Lazuli are excellent for crystal necklaces because they cleanse and activate the throat chakra, the energy center associated with the voice and communication.

Instantly soothing to look at, violet is a color known to relieve stress and tension, especially in the gemstone world. Amethyst is a must-have for every jewelry collection because in a crystal necklace, you’ll have a continuous flow of its gentle, healing vibrations that de-stress the mind and encourage an opening of the crown chakra.

Earthy and robust, dark brown and black stones like Onyx> and Smoky Quartz are excellent stones to protect against negative energy. Wearing a crystal necklace with these types of stones will also connect you to the healing vibrations of the earth and its natural rhythm.

You may feel attracted to more than one healing crystal necklace at a time. Before you start to combine different crystal necklaces, we always recommend starting with one piece at a time. Set your intentions with your first necklace of choice. Wear it for at least ten days and see how your mind, body, and soul reacts to the new energies you’re wearing around your neck.

You’ll know when it’s time to start wearing another healing crystal necklace. You may also want to explore other jewelry choices, such as earrings or bracelets.

Are you drawn to a certain necklace? Allow your heart to lead you to the stones that can aid you best. It’s that easy - but if you need more help, check out our resources on the gemstones we use.

Caring for Your Crystal Necklace

Your new crystal necklace deserves a bit more special treatment than typical jewelry pieces. Even though you can’t see it physically, crystals store and transmit energy, so it’s important to cleanse and reactivate them from time to time. It’s a simple and fun ritual we’re sure you will enjoy!

Your crystal necklace will come to you cleansed. However, you'll want to take some time to cleanse it yourself once it arrives to ensure the energies are balanced and ready for you to wear.

There are a few ways you can cleanse your healing crystal necklaces from home. You can choose to place the healing crystal necklace on a branch or in the soil of a healthy house plant for 24 hours. If you’re looking for something quicker, you can set it out in the sun or under a full moon for four hours.

To keep the highest vibration possible we recommend cleansing your crystal necklace every 5-7 days. You can also choose to cleanse the crystal when it starts to feel too heavy on your chest. That's a clear sign that your healing crystal necklace holds too much energy and needs to be balanced.

For more ways to cleanse your necklace crystal, visit our FAQ on how to use and cleanse your crystal necklace.

Types of Crystal Necklaces

When it comes to achieving greatness, negative thoughts are not your friends. To help block out any fear or doubts holding you back, wear a cocktail of power crystals close to your heart. At Energy Muse, we feature necklaces that are specially designed to boost self-esteem and enhance creativity. A must-have for professional athletes and creative spirits, our Manifest Your Dreams Necklace features Tiger’s Eye, Black Onyx, and Rutilated Quartz, a powerful combination that brings out a more focused and ready-for-action you, the person who has the courage and drive to take on any challenge.

A crystal necklace also works as a guardian angel, thanks to the strong and steady vibrations of protection stones like Jasper and Agate, which are featured in our High Power Necklace. Whatever happens on your journey, the universe will always catch you – That’s the medicine of Jasper, the stone of eternal optimism. Its grounding properties give you the mental focus you need to take everyday challenges while its spirit-warming effects help to open your heart chakra to unconditional love.

At Energy Muse, we feature necklaces with meaning, each piece designed for a specific purpose or intention. Our Prosperity Necklace might not make you rich, but after wearing it for 10 days or more, its warm and invigorating energy will make you feel like a millionaire. Gemstones give us the chance to reconnect with the moon and the stars, helping to rebalance and harmonize the inner child within. Cultivating this mindset is easy, especially when you incorporate a crystal necklace into your everyday life.

For new mothers, we co-created the Prosperity Necklace with celebrity author Lori Bregman. This lovely crystal necklace helps to encourage mindfulness and calm between baby and mother. Heart chakra stones like Aquamarine, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz reconnects new moms with their divine feminine energy. These gemstone combinations also sharpen intuition and reawaken the spirit of everyone’s inner child, the key elements for early mother-infant bonding.

A beautiful and effective accessory for singers or public speakers is our Voice Necklace. It features warm and cheerful Carnelian, a sacral chakra stone that helps to relight your inner fire. It gives you the courage and inspiration you need to let your natural abilities shine through.

When you combine the wisdom of astrology with crystal healing, the synergy of these modalities provides additional guidance for leading you to the right crystal in every moment. For the fiery and passionate Aries, sun stones like Carnelian, Citrine, and Garnet provide support during times of stress and tension. For those born under the Pisces sign, Aquamarine is the perfect stone to clear and activate the heart chakra because it promotes feelings of empathy, thoughtfulness, and unconditional love.

The optimistic and honorable spirit of a Sagittarius shines even brighter with Turquoise, the stone of intuition and inner wisdom. Cool off the passionate and strong-willed Scorpio with Amethyst, the ultimate stone of peace and tranquility. For the Libra, the balancing of Lapis Lazuli helps battle indecision while the healing and nurturing properties of Red Jasper reconnects Virgo signs with the wonders of nature.

No matter who you are, there is a crystal healing necklace that can help you feel closer to your true self: you just need to find the best type of necklace crystal to fit your individual needs.

Curious? Learn more about how crystals work . Take charge of your life’s journey and make your dreams come true with the help of our powerful energy treasures. Choose the necklace that speaks to you and feel the difference it makes.