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Rutilated Quartz Bracelet
Wholeness • Love & Attraction • Attract Angels
from $ 22.88
Rutilated Quartz Freeform Crystal
Strength • Breakthrough • Illumination
from $ 18.88
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Performance Necklace
Perseverance • Strength • Stamina
$ 129.95
Performance Bracelet
Perseverance • Strength • Stamina
from $ 29.88
Improved Health Bracelet Set
Wellness • Positivity • Compassion
from $ 53.88

Rutilated Quartz contains thin, golden threads of minerals that are often referred to as angel threads or Venus hairs. The golden threads of rutile infuse your body and chakras with divine light, energizing your chakras and strengthening your willpower and motivation.

It is a very unique healing gemstone as it carries an etheric or angelic vibration, making it a very powerful gemstone for healing and strengthening your will because it has the ability to attract angels. Once a rutilated quarta bracelet is brought into your energy field, the Rutilated Quartz stones can help to dissolve depression by connecting you to your guardian angels

When Rutilated Quartz jewelry touches your skin, you immediately feel a surge of energy, as this gemstone is an energy amplifier and enhancers. It has the power to amplify the energies and properties of all other gemstones it is touching. Rutilated Quartz stone jewelry is also extremely programmable, magnifying and amplifying the intention or affirmation you set your gemstones to carry. A Rutilated Quartz bracelet is a wonderful piece to wear in combination with a citrine bracelet, as it has the ability to quicken the manifestation process. It gives you the spiritual power to manifest any desire you want into your life, using the power of intention. Wearing Rutilated Quartz jewelry is especially beneficial during hard times to help you cope—it seems to make life easier. Our Guardian Angel Rutilated Quartz bracelets and necklace are made completely out of this extraordinary gemstone because of this. It will assist you in receiving spiritual knowledge and guidance, and help you gain mental clarity. Many people have told us that after the death or loss of someone in their life, wearing Rutilated Quartz jewelry seems to comfort them and make them feel closer to the person that they lost—like they are seeing their angel.