Fluorite Touchstone
Fluorite Touchstone
Fluorite Touchstone
Fluorite Touchstone
Fluorite Touchstone

Fluorite Touchstone

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Measures approx. 1½"
About 2.5" to 3"
Don't be afraid to wish big! With a Fluorite Touchstone in hand, you''ll have the optimism to wish for more from life, and the balanced focus to see those dreams through. As a stone that helps you to sort through your thoughts and establish a peaceful optimism, who couldn't use a little more Fluorite in their life?

When you want to focus on your dreams and wishes, but your mind is too cluttered to concentrate, use a Fluorite Touchstone to bring in cleansing harmony. The peace that Fluorite fills you with will help you to approach your life from a more balanced mindset. If you're looking to create a shift in your spirit that leaves you feeling more peaceful and ready to dream again, then grab hold of this Fluorite Touchstone.

Using a Fluorite Touchstone in meditation helps you to sort through your thoughts and discover the wishes you truly want to pursue. Hold it in your hand to connect with Fluorite's calming benefits. This will establish an inner balance and enable you to organize your priorities. To take a wishful outlook to life, and have the peace and focus to see your dreams through, embrace the energy of your Fluorite Touchstone.

Fluorite is a stone of balance and harmony, so being drawn to it may mean that you're ready to inspire those energies within your spirit. A Fluorite Touchstone is a wonderful tool to use when sorting through complex or chaotic thoughts. Using it to bring order to the mind and spirit helps you calm the spirit. From a peaceful and grounded state of mind, Fluorite enables you to better recognize and approach your dreams.

Find a quiet place in your home, and take a seat.

Holding your Fluorite Touchstone in your hand, take 3 to 5 minutes to meditate with its harmonizing energy.

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