Blue Apatite Touchstone
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Blue Apatite Touchstone

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About 1.5” to 2”
If an apathetic attitude is killing your drive, jumpstart your appetite for life with Blue Apatite Touchstone. Blue apatite healing properties pull you out of mental or emotional fogs, and immerse you into bright positivity. By helping you to see what possibilities abound, blue apatite touchstones motivate your spirit to go out and conquer your wish lists. This crystal also helps you to focus on your health and make conscious decisions to shift your priorities to create a healthy mind, body and spirit balance.

A Blue Apatite touchstone in hand is a powerful tool. It activates your third eye and base chakras, so that you're not only driven, but focused as well. What often causes our determination to dwindle, is a lack of foresight. Without a clear sense of direction, we quickly spend our energy and feel no more progressed than we were before. However, with the help of an infusion of blue apatite energy in our third eye chakra, we can find that focus and recall where we need to go.

Blue apatite benefits are particularly great for those who have started to lose their faith in humanity. It can be difficult to remember all of the amazing people working to improve their community in small ways, when you're instead constantly being inundated with negativity in the news. Rather than allow your passion for others to perish, uplift yourself and those around you by tapping into blue apatite energy! Let blue apatite healing properties help you to help others by enriching your philanthropic desires.

Use this revitalizing stone to enhance your own life as well. By amplifying your energy, you break through the frustrations that were blocking your personal progress, and feel propelled to take on new challenges. Helping you to transform your negative mindset into a positive one, blue apatite will inspire you to create a better life for yourself.

Sometimes in life, we have to look backward in order to move forward. Blue apatite energy guides us to recognize the mistakes of our past, so that we can avoid them when creating a brighter future for ourselves. Rather than burdening the spirit with guilt, apatite encourages us to see the potential we have and the opportunities for growth that are available to us everyday.

Feeling drawn to the energy of blue apatite may mean that you have situations you've been wanting to better or change, but have been putting them off. Have you been holding off on traveling or finding a career you're passionate about? If there's something that you've been itching to do, blue apatite will give you the energetic push you need to satisfy your spiritual hunger to get more out of life!

Check out our beginner's guide to healing crystals to learn more about different stones and their properties.

To get clear on what changes you want to make and how to go about making them, use a blue apatite touchstone in meditation. Place one in each hand, close your eyes and ask yourself, what can I do to revitalize my health?

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