Chakra Candle
Chakra Candle

Chakra Candle

Balance • Alignment • Healing
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In need of chakric healing? The Chakra Crystal Candle is one of the products we absolutely love and wanted to share with our crystal family! Cleanse and balance the chakras often to promote wellness in body, mind, and spirit. This chakra candle uses color therapy to enhance energy healing sessions and meditations.

8" tall • Weighs 24.9 ounces

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The Chakra Crystal Candle features:

Crown Chakra - White

Third Eye Chakra - Violet 

Throat Chakra - Blue

Heart Chakra - Green

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow 

Sacral Chakra - Orange

Root Chakra - Red

As you light your candle, set your intention and visualize your wishes as if they're already manifested into your reality.

Use this candle for ritual purification and to activate your rituals. Opening and closing your sacred spaces — whether it be meditation, prayer, journaling, yoga and more — by lighting and blowing out your candle bookends your practice and amplifies the energy of enlightenment and peace.

The Chakra Crystal Candle was designed to help balance, align and cleanse your 7 chakras. When you want to align your chakras or stabilize your overall energy, light this Chakra healing candle. This candle clears, balances and energizes your main energy centers one by one, leaving you feeling balanced and aligned.

Burn this candle during your meditations. In a seated position, place the candle in a safe position near you.

Visualize each of your chakra beings aligned and cleared. Start at the bottom (root chakra) and work your way up to the top (crown chakra).

When you are finished, place your 7 Chakra Candle somewhere you will see throughout the day as a reminder to stay in alignment.

Each time you begin your rituals or sacred practices, hold your figurine over your heart, close your eyes and say your favorite mantra out loud.

Heather's tip: 1. Rub a bit of oil onto the actual wax of a candle. Dig a small hole in the candle itself and pour a little bit of oil in for longer-lasting aromatherapy.

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