Lapis Lazuli Touchstone
group of 4 genuine lapis lazuli by Energy Muse showing coloration variety

Lapis Lazuli Touchstone

Leadership • Communication • Intuition
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About 2” to 2.5”
About 1” to 2”
Take charge of your life with the help of a Lapis Lazuli Touchstone. By guiding you to trust yourself and express yourself authentically, this crystal empowers you to live your life your way.

A Lapis Lazuli Touchstone inspires you to be a leader in your own life. By connecting with your throat and third eye chakras, Lapis Lazuli crystals strengthen your sense of intuition and your ability to express your truth. When you are tapped into your intuition and able to communicate your deepest desires with yourself and those around you, it becomes easier to take the lead of your life.

Connecting with the Lapis Lazuli meaning reminds you to make choices everyday, both big and small, that reflect your truth. It empowers you to rely on and trust yourself to make choices for yourself, because you know what is best for you.

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Hold a Lapis Lazuli Touchstone in both hands to connect with your inner leader.

On a piece of paper, write down an area of your life in which you want to lead your own way. Then place your Lapis Lazuli Touchstone on top as a reminder to be the leader in your life.

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