Selenite Harmonizers - Set of 2
A woman sitting cross-legged on the floor holding 2 genuine Selenite Satin Spar harmonizers for meditation by Energy Muse
Selenite Harmonizers - Set of 2
Selenite Harmonizers - Set of 2
Selenite Harmonizers - Set of 2

Selenite Harmonizers - Set of 2

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Using a pair of Selenite Harmonizers during meditation protects and enhances your practice, adding an additional layer of power and healing as you meditate. When you hold the selenite in your hands, you immediately feel grounded, calm and serene as the energy of light begins to fill your being. Each harmonizer is also beneficial to hold during pregnancy, specifically childbirth, to surround yourself with light & love, calm your fears and keep you calm.

Life can be a balancing act. When one aspect of your life begins to throw the rest out of balance, you can regain stability with a pair of Selenite Harmonizers. By bringing your mind, body and spirit into sync, selenite helps you to establish a positive symmetry. It supercharges your restorative efforts so that you can bring situations into perspective. These are like lightning rods for the soul, attracting the white light of positivity to blast through negative or stagnant energy blocks.

Selenite protects you during your meditation practice. During practices like meditations, yoga, breathwork and chakra healing, energy rises from the base of the spine and out through the crown of the head. If this energy rises too quickly, you can become ungrounded, and experience different side effects such as dizziness, overheating or intense anxiety. Selenite crystals add another layer of power and protection to meditation, intensifying the positive energy in your body, while also inducing a calm energy so that you can stay grounded. Selenite healing properties balance the energy you create during your meditations and healing sessions, allowing your energy to vibrate safely throughout your body.

Hold one selenite rod in each hand. You can do this sitting up or laying down, whichever is more comfortable to you. Selenite harmonizers create a pillar of light, so when you hold them in each hand, you have light surrounding your entire being. It creates a very powerful light frequency for you to heal and instill serenity in your body. Feel its purification properties creating a fluid flow of energy throughout your body. This will assist you in dispelling negative energy from the body and mind, and bringing in mental clarity to take its place.

Unknown to many, selenite promotes fertility, as well as relieving any creative blocks you may be suffering from. Hold a selenite harmonizer in each hand during childbirth to surround yourself with the energy of light and love. The selenite surrounds you with serenity, comforting you as it facilitates the release of fear.

When you're drawn to a selenite harmonizer, your spirit is telling you that it's time to get in harmony with yourself. Selenite harmonizers help you to pause and ground yourself in calming breath. These crystals are what we crave when we need to take a moment to find peace within. The light, positive energy of selenite is rejuvenating and uplifting, but at the same time, it helps us to enjoy the stillness of the moment. That's what makes these harmonizers such amazing tools for meditation. They cleanse the spirit while also adding balance and energy. If you have a hard time clearing your mind or staying settled in meditation, these selenite harmonizers are just what your spirit needs.

Sit or lay down in a place and position that feels comfortable. Hold a selenite harmonizer in each hand throughout your meditation. These would also be wonderful tools to use during savasana during your yoga practice.

Hold a selenite harmonizer in each hand during childbirth for its calming, serene energy.

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