Genuine Ruby Zoisite polished smooth tumbled stone by Energy Muse
Selection of 5 genuine polished smooth Ruby Zoisite tumbled stones showing variation in coloration and pattern by Energy Muse

Ruby Zoisite Stone

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The combination of Ruby and Zoisite brings passion and patience. Use our new Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Stone to help transform negative energy into positive, especially during times of emotional stress and grief. Connected with the heart chakra, the duality of colors helps to harmonize the male and female energies within the body to bring balance and stimulate positive feelings. A combination of fiery Ruby and earthy Zoisite, this crystal holds the energy of passion and patience. It’s a stone of the heart that balances the male and female energies within the body. Bring your yin and yang into harmony by tuning into the unique energy of this crystal. Ruby Zoisite is the stone you need when you’ve been stressed for so long, that constant anxiety has become your new normal. You shouldn’t have to accept that you will always be stressed. Remember what it feels like to breathe easily with peace of mind by meditating with Ruby Zoisite. Each comes with a card or downloadable crystal sheet PDF that holds the information about the crystals and their meanings.

Not only will Ruby Zoisite healing properties link with your crown chakra to cleanse the mind of negativity, it will re-energize your spirit with the passion of ruby. Ruby is a highly stimulating stone, known to drive you toward your goals with fierce conviction. Ruby healing properties rouse an intense confidence and motivation in you that will blast the negativity out of your spirit. The reason that the combination of Ruby with Zoisite is so special is that the Zoisite counterbalances the excitement stirred up by Ruby. Zoisite acts to ground you with its earthly energy. In doing so, Ruby Zoisite ensures that you don’t get so inspired with a flush of energy that you lose focus and are unable to concentrate on just one thing.

We recommend this stone to all of those who are on a spiritual journey. It will have the energy that you need in order to bring balance into your soul. When your masculine and feminine energies are working in harmony, you are better able to see what the road ahead will look like. Use the clarity that this stone brings you to heal and move past old wounds, and stop living in stress. Let the Ruby aspect of this stone remind you to enjoy the moment, and allow the Zoisite quality to bring you peace even in times of difficulty.

Carry your Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Stone in a pocket, purse, or bra. Hold it in your hand when you need to remember what it feels like to breathe easily and have peace of mind.

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