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Tourmalinated Quartz Bracelet
Remover of Obstacles • Clearing Karma • Shifting Negativity
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tourmalinated quartz freeform crystal by Energy Muse
tourmalinated quartz freeform crystal outside in natural sunlight by Energy Muse
Tourmalinated Quartz Freeform Crystal
Removes Negativity • Balance • Protection
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Faceted tourmalinated quartz point healing crystal from Energy Muse, featuring thin strip-look accents of Black Tourmaline
Tourmalinated Quartz Point
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Tourmalinated Quartz Stone for Shifting Negativity - Energy Muse
Tourmalinated Quartz Stone
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good luck crystal energy charm by Energy Muse on illustrated packaging
Good Luck Charm
Manifestation • Power • Abundance
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Tourmalinated Quartz Touchstone
Shifting Negativity • Protection • Removing Blocks
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Green Tourmalinated Quartz Bracelet
Abundance • Clear Decision-making • Removes Blocks
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Overcoming Fear Bracelet Set
Tiger's Eye • Citrine • Tourmalinated Quartz
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Black Tourmalinated Quartz jewelry combines the healing energies of two powerful gemstones: Quartz Crystal and Black Tourmaline. Together, black tourmalinated quartz stone jewelry is a powerful energy tool to get rid of any negative energy, balance your yin and yang energies, as well as a great good luck charm.

At Energy Muse, we offer a great selection of black tourmalinated quartz jewelry, all in combination with different gemstones to create a specific beneficial energy. The Quartz Crystal helps to raise your consciousness, bring clarity and amplify energy or your intention. The Black Tourmaline helps to ground you and deflects all negative energy. Two of our original Energy Muse pieces, our Luck bracelet and necklace, combine the deflecting properties of the black tourmalinated quartz bracelet with heishi shells. This unisex piece was designed to bring you good luck, opportunities and to unlock any energy blockages in the body to create overall balance. These black tourmalinated quartz bracelets and necklaces have been worn by numerous celebrities and athletes, such as Ryan Seacrest, Pat Monohan, Josh Kelley and Shawn Johnson—during many of her Dancing with the Stars performances. 

One of our newest Energy Sets, the Pure Energy Bracelet Set, combines three healing gemstones to create Quartz Crystal, Amazonite and Black Tourmalinated Quartz bracelets. These gemstones are the ideal energy combination to clear and purify your body’s energy. And the major purifying and cleansing power comes from the quartz crystal and black tourmalinated quartz bracelet in the 3-bracelet set. As soon as this bracelet touches your skin, it begins to cleanse and clear your body of any negative, stuck or blocked energy, so that the energy can flow smoothly. This bracelet set is one that you can wear everyday to maintain clear and pure energy, leaving you feeling uplifted, balanced and free of stress. Everyone can benefit from the healing properties and energies of Black Tourmalinated Quartz jewelry! Find the Energy Muse piece that is perfect for you—we have that something special for everyone.