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Unakite Stone
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Give your heart 20/20 vision with the stone of clarity, Unakite. Named after the Unaka Mountains of North Carolina where it was first discovered, it is thought of as a sightstone because of how it reacts with meditation. It lends to a sense of total presentness. By encouraging the release of the past, it strips the present of the past's altering effects.

Free yourself of the negative energy of past mistakes or hurt, and live in a moment of tranquil understanding. Unakite takes a leading role, guiding you to find your place of grounded power. It enhances your energy field by unblocking hindering forces. While Unakite is especially recommended for those attempting to move on from emotional pain and for pregnant women trying to establish a connection with their baby, this crystal is universally helpful for those trying to amplify their present spirituality.

Get rid of the negative focus you have on mistakes and start looking forward to what you can do to better yourself. Use Unakite in meditation to facilitate your progress. One method is to use unakite in a body grid for enhancing your future. Placed on your third eye, unakite will give insight into how you can learn from your past to inform your future. You can also simply use unakite by itself in meditation. To do this, hold Unakite in the palm of your hands. Sit quietly, focusing only on your breathe. Inhale positivity, exhale negativity and any toxic emotions related to your past. When you've established some clarity of mind, set your intention with unakite. You want it to carry the energy of resilience and transformation. The intention can be specific, or simply: I forgive myself for my mistakes, and will create a brighter future because of what I learned from them. Then you can place your unakite in your sacred altar, to ensure that it continues to radiate that intention.