Lemurian Crystal

Lemurian Crystal

Patience • Wisdom • Serenity
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Climb the ladder toward your highest spiritual peak with the energy of Lemurian Crystal Point as your guide. Discover how to find serenity along the journey by allowing it to teach you the gifts of patience, wisdom and self-awareness to grow in sync with yourself. It is said that gently rubbing your thumb along its striations in meditation will unlock its wisdom.

Climb the ladder toward your highest spiritual peak with the energy of Lemurian Crystal to use as your guide. Discover how to find serenity in the journey itself, even if you haven't reached your ideal destination yet. By allowing a lemurian crystal to teach you the gifts of patience, wisdom and self-awareness, you can make space in your spiritual body to simultaneously be content and ambitious. Through your work with lemurian crystals, you will come to better understand yourself and your past actions. The more in sync you become with your past, present and future, the more compassion you will emanate.

These wisdom keepers are the masters of teaching us to love and unite our mind, body and spirit. Lemurian Crystals work with all your chakras to cleanse and harmonize the balance of energy between them. The high vibrational capacity of Lemurian crystals will blast all energy blocks hindering your energy flow. Use this crystal in meditation, gently rubbing a thumb along the striations, to achieve a better understanding of yourself and your spirituality.

The ladder-like striations that ascend the facets of the Lemurian crystal points have given birth to much lore on this unusual variety of Quartz Crystal. They are said to be left over from a lost Lemurian civilization, with their striations programmed by a code that, if unlocked, could bring us into a new reality. They certainly seem to have an ancient energy.

They emit a very high vibration of light and hope and are a wonderful crystal to clear and activate the chakras, removing all energy blockages from the body. Lemurian Crystals are a variety of Quartz that embodies the soft, loving energies of the angelic and cosmic realms. The ladder-like striations present on all Lemurians are said to act as a 'stairway to heaven.'

If you are drawn to a Lemurian crystal, you may be looking for a spiritual guide. Let the energy of this crystal foster self-awareness and a connection your inner wisdom and divinity, and guide you on a spiritual path.

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Rub your thumb along the striations of a Lemurian crystal in meditation to tap into your spirituality.

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