Pyrite Point
Pyrite Point

Pyrite Point

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About 3" to 4"
About 2" to 3"
About 4"-5"
The golden shimmer of a Pyrite Point helps you prosper in all areas of your life, but especially your finances. It boosts your confidence and inner power to help you achieve your goals and become a money magnet. By clearing away any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behavior, a Pyrite Point is the ideal stone to open yourself up to receive abundance in all its forms.

Pyrite is a powerful stone to attract wealth and success in both your professional and personal life. In the shape of a point, the manifestation power of the stone is enhanced to strengthen your wealth intentions. Working with a Pyrite Point allows you to keep your eye on the prize and let your crystal emit the energy of wealth and abundance into the universe.

A Pyrite Point works by boosting your sense of confidence and motivation. When you are committed to pursuing your goals, nothing can stop you. Through its ability to help you stay dedicated and determined, Pyrite opens you up to the possibilities available to you and helps you achieve all that you wish.

Another benefit of working with Pyrite is that it helps you to release any negative thoughts or patterns that are preventing you from accomplishing your goals. With enhanced confidence comes less self-doubt or self-sabotaging beliefs. By helping you get out of your own way, your Pyrite Point allows you to call in the abundance and prosperity you deserve.

On a piece of paper, write down your financial aspirations. Place your Pyrite Point on top of the paper on your desk, workspace, or another area that represents wealth and finances for you. As you allow your Pyrite Point to send your intention out into the universe, let the crystal stimulate your inner power and confidence to achieve your goals.

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