Day 1: High-vibe your Home

On the first day we’re highlighting how you can make sure the vibes in your home are always high with NEW large crystals!

Big crystals are like the VIPs of high vibrations because they carry the earth's energy with them. They remind us to connect with the high frequencies of love, compassion, and abundance. Even just catching a glimpse of these gorgeous pieces of the earth every day will transform your mindset.

Bolivian Amethyst Point
Relaxation • Peace • Stress Relef
$ 98.88
Polished Emerald Point
Abundance • Heart Healing • Good Fortune
$ 79.88
Rose Quartz crystal pillar - Energy Muse
A Bolivian Amethyst point, a Rose Quartz pillar and an Emerald pillar by Energy Muse
Rose Quartz Pillar
Love • Harmony • Happiness
$ 69.88
Genuine Amethyst Elestial crystal by Energy Muse
woman holding Genuine Amethyst Elestial crystal by Energy Muse
Elestial Amethyst Crystal Wand
Blessings • Wisdom • Empowerment
from $ 99.88
Large Amethyst Angel
Faith • Calming • Healing
$ 399.88
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