Ganesh Bell
Ganesh Bell

Ganesh Bell

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This Ganesh Bell cuts through stuck or stagnant energy in your space to help you eliminate negativity and break through obstacles. When your environment feels heavy or dense, ring your Ganesh Bell to break up the energy.

The sound cast off by this 5-metal Ganesh Bell will help cut through the stale energy that is keeping your space from radiating on the level it could be. The vibrations of sound emitted by the ringing bell disrupt the space to create a smooth energy flow and refresh the energy. For those times when your environment feels dense or heavy, bust out this bell and do a little space clearing with sound! Be sure to move around the space, ringing the bell in every room and every corner. This technique also works well in combination with sage or Palo Santo, which enhances the cleansing power of sound.

Adorned with Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, this clearing bell is a powerful energy tool to help you break through the dense negativity that may be clogging fresh energy from circulating around your home. If the energy of your environment is blocking you from success in any area of your life, an energy clearing session with a Ganesh Bell may be what you need to break through that roadblock.

Although you can use your bell as-needed, we recommend clearing your space with sound at least once every 30 days to keep your space vibrating at its highest frequency. When your space is clear, so is your own energy and the energy of your crystals.

Starting at your front door, or entrance into the room, move around each room clockwise, ringing the bell three times in each corner. If a space is starting to feel heavy, ring it out!

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